Forbes’ Most Lucrative College Majors

The field of psychoanalysis has gotten the Hollywood treatment over the past decade, being featured on a hit TV show, The Sopranos, and two movies starring Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro, Analyze This and Analyze That.

In the same period, the number of college students earning psychology degrees has jumped 22%; the Princeton Review pegs it as the second most popular major today. No doubt students have visions of striking it rich, listening to patients’ problems while collecting $100-an-hour fees.

The reality is that few psychology majors move on to graduate school–and the career path for the rest of the group: not so rich.

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  1. Cool article on the 20 health tips for campus life. i start school in the fall and i hear dorm life is tough.. once one of your friends get sicks they all start falling like dominos.

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