This Better Not Be My Nanna

Flickr is a crazy little website. Pictures from all over the world, from crappy and boring “here’s me on the lawn, now here’s me laughing on the lawn” photos to beautiful, artist renderings of pristine landscapes — everything is contained, and easy to find, on this user friendly website.

Why, Flickr is so simple and easy even your grandma could do it!

And someone’s grandma certaily has.

I really can’t say how our office stumbled across this set of photos, but I can say that after searching through about 100 of them, I have never wished there was eye sanitizer more than at this exact moment. I mean…what.the.hell.IS.this?!

She calls herself a MILF (but judging by the photos she really could be a GILF), she has single-handedly killed off an entire herd of cows in order to cover her body with piece after piece of uber tight leather, her “provocative” posing looks more like she A) got clubbed in both kneecaps by the mafia, B) is getting arrested by invisible cop ghosts, or C) is just standing around staring at the wall, and she doesn’t show her entire face but certainly shows enough to be recognized (if god is merciful not by her kids).

In today’s society, anyone with a camera and the ability to upload hundreds upon hundreds of pictures can become a star, and “LeatherChrissy” certainly seems to have the panache to rocket her “mature MILF” status to computer screens everywhere.

My brain is currently malfunctioning (too many images I never wanted to view have been viewed), so I can’t quite figure out what the moral to this story is…but I guess if I had to take a guess? Don’t leave gran home with the digital camera.

[PS: someone in our office was certain LeatherChrissy was this lady…I don’t think so. Because if it was, the earth would be exploding right now from incomprehensible ridiculousness]

6 thoughts on “This Better Not Be My Nanna”

  1. What is worse than the pictures are the comments, ie: “would love to hike that skirt up and bend you over on the couch!” Don’t leave gran at home with a camera or don’t leave gramps at home on the internet.

  2. well I was looking to lose some weight and the streams of vomit that just launched from my gullet just solved that issue.

  3. Come on, people. I bet none of you will look nearly that good when you get to be that age.

  4. Guys

    Erm this is a fella!?

    If you look at one of her pictures with a load of comments you will see they are all from trannys the group this member is a part of.

    Hope you never spent to long getting excited over the picture 🙂

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