Ranks The 2007-08 College Sports Year’s Top 25 Rankings of the 2007-08 College Sports Year

With 330 Division I schools in the U.S., picking the nation’s top athletic program is a daunting task. For nearly two decades, the Collegiate Directors of Athletics have done so, using components like a “64-team non-bracket point system” to determine the Directors’ Cup winner. (Stanford finished on top in ’07-08 for the 14th consecutive year). But critics argue that its formula is extremely complicated. Moreover, Stanford will likely continue to dominate for years to come.

In an effort to be a little less complicated, we came up with a different scoring system, a three-pronged formula that puts the emphasis on national titles, top 30 finishes and conference championships. The results are in and…  [SI]

Student Charged With Trying To Sell Vote on eBay

A college student claimed it was all a joke when he put his vote in this fall’s presidential election up for sale on the Web auction site eBay. But prosecutors didn’t see the humor.

University of Minnesota student Max P. Sanders, 19, was charged with a felony Thursday in Hennepin County District Court after allegedly asking for a minimum of $10 in exchange for voting for the bidder’s preferred candidate.

“Good luck!” Sanders wrote under the eBay handle zepdrummer612. “You’re (sic) country depends on You!”

Sanders was charged with one count of bribery, treating and soliciting under an 1893 state law that makes it a crime to offer to buy or sell a vote. [CNN]

Top 5 Reasons Students Go Away For College

Many students today have the option of going away to college right after they graduate high school.  Every student has a different idea of what they want do after high school.  Many students want to go away to college, go to a community college, or just start a job without a career.  So what are the reasons students are going away to college?  Below is a list of ideas that students have when leaving for college. [Find College Cards]

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