Ten Things I Miss Most About Being in a Fraternity

UCLA Sends 37 Athletes To The Olympics

Looking to add to its rich Olympic history yet again in 2008, UCLA will send a total of 37 athletes and coaches to this summer’s Olympic Games, which will be held Aug. 8-24 in Beijing, China. Of the 37 Bruins traveling to Beijing, 31 are athletes (27 former, 3 current, 1 incoming), and six are coaches.

UCLA was one of the nation’s most successful universities at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, ranking No. 1 among all universities in number of different medalists (19) and number of Olympians (57 representing the United States and 13 foreign countries). Of the 19 medals UCLA took home in 2004, eight were gold, eight were bronze and three were silver. If UCLA were a country, it would have placed 14th overall in the medal count. [UCLA]

Ten Things I Miss Most About Being in a Fraternity

College is clearly one of, if not the best time in one’s life. And if you had the chance to join a fraternity, at least for me, it clearly accentuated that life to a very large extent.

Assuming you take out the homo erotic tendencies and relative abuse factor, I can honestly say (without sounding too corny) that joining a fraternity was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Here are 10 reason why… [Uncoached]

Congress May Make It Harder For Credit Card Companies To Target College Students

Credit card companies beware: Congress is watching.

A flurry of bills is in the works in the House of Representatives and the Senate that would rein in how those companies do business. One proposed change that’s triggered interest among lawmakers, particularly as the economy sours, would make it harder for college students to qualify for credit cards.

“It really is just too easy,” said Christine Lindstrom, the director of the Higher Education Project at the nonpartisan Public Interest Research Group. “They will do anything to be the first card in college students’ wallets. They don’t do credit checks. They don’t even know if students have income.” [Huffington Post]

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