iTunes U. Where College Lectures & Pop Stars Unite

iTunes U. Where College Lectures and Pop Stars Unite

At Apple’s iTunes online store, Britney Spears and Shakespeare are separated by just a few clicks.

While an episode of “Desperate Housewives” will cost $1.99, a series of lectures by renowned University of California-Berkeley philosophy professor Hubert Dreyfus is absolutely free. A single song by pop diva Rihanna is 99 cents. The price of a course on modern theoretical physics by Stanford University quantum mechanics professor Leonard Susskind? Nada.

Apple calls it iTunes U, an unsung but popular feature of iTunes. [Silicon Valley]

Facebook Items Guaranteed To Be Lies

5) Relationship Status: At the time of this writing, only two states in the country have legalized gay marriage, yet 90% of college aged women claim to be married to their best female friends. This is a factual impossibility, no matter how many bumper stickers written by total strangers are sent back and forth as if they were inside jokes. Additionally, if more men actually married their “shorties” instead of figuring that nicknaming her “wifey” is close enough, we might not have a single mother epidemic.

See the four other “Facebook Items Guaranteed to be Lies” [Banned in Hollywood]

6 Things Every College Student Should Have

When starting the first year of college, students often worry they don’t have everything they need. They also don’t usually know what they need. To keep it simple college school supplies are basically the same as in high school. As for those little odds and ends there is a list below on items that you will need and are an absolute must when going to college. [Find College Cards]

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