Bernie Mac Dies at 50

Actor and comedian Bernie Mac of The Bernie Mac Show and Ocean’s Eleven-franchise fame died early this morning at Northwest Memorial hospital in Chicago at the age of 50. While the cause of death has not been unconfirmed, Mac was recently checked into the hospital for pneumonia, which may be related to his death.

The news surfaced after the family contacted Sun-Times columnist, Stella Foster only an hour after Mac was confirmed dead.  “It brought tears to my eyes because Bernie Mac has always been my all-time favorite entertainer and comedian. It pains me to have to report that,” Foster told during a phone interview this morning.

The news comes after a statement Friday by Bernie’s spokeswoman, who said the comedian was responding well to treatment for his pneumonia, and was in stable condition. Bernie Mac, who’s real name is Bernard McCullough, was also suffering from an inflammatory lung disease, unconnected to the pneumonia, which has been in remission since 2005.

So here’s to you, Bernie. You were f**king hilarious.

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