Breaking News: Obama to Announce George Clooney as VP

In an improbable turn of events, Barack Obama seems to have gone crazy, and decided on George F’ing Clooney as his vice presidential running mate for the White House. According to a high ranking Obama staffer, the candidate made the decision after speaking with the Actor and political activist late Friday night in a Beverly Hills Mansion. Clooney flew back from his Lake Como, Italy villa specifically for the meeting.

“Celebrities have enormous power with the American people,” the spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous, told us early Saturday. “They have money, fame and a way to get the message out to millions of people–George Clooney best represents that community.” Read More »

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Obama to Announce George Clooney as VP”

  1. bigpattylee2008

    Clooney and Hollywood in general show where their loyalties and sympathies are by the type of movies they choose to make and the topics and treatment those topics get.

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