The Dark Side of the Beijing Opening Ceremony

[protected-iframe id=”bc3c03409dfc9853d48b7a425afe2faf-3508545-55749914″ info=”″ width=”450″ height=”370″]

No opening ceremony for any Olympics before has been so well-directed, massive, awesome…or made us wish we were on drugs so much as the incredible spectacle of Beijing’s opening ceremony last Friday night. The drums, the lights, the giant screen and 15,000 people running, fighting, flying–it was a visual orgasm.

But we’ve done you one better. To help you enjoy the Beijing opening ceremony to its fully-influenced potential, we at COED have made “The Dark Side of the Beijing” mash-up, combining the opening ceremony with Pink Floyd’s infamous “Dark Side of the Moon.” The Wizard of Oz ain’t got nothin’ on this…

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