COED Intervew With Motley Crue: Submit Your Questions!

Since their formation in 1981, hard rockers Motley Crue hve been noted for their hard-living lifestyles–you know, drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll.

Like in their song Girls, Girls, Girls, which showcases the bands love of motorcycles, whiskey and strip clubs, telling a tale of substance abuse and sexual escapades, the Crue walks the walk, talks the talk and bones the hottest chicks in the land.

Oh yeah, 80 million+ records solid ain’t bad either.

Now in their mid-40’s Motley Crue is still rocking and Tommy Lee is back with Pam.

On August 23rd COED will head to the Motley Crue concert in Holmdel, NJ to ask your questions! That’s right, submit your burning questions in the comment section and we will have them answered by the band.

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