Tuesday’s Album Release

Of all the albums released today, I have to admit, I’m sooooooo excited about The Jonas Brothers (“A Little Bit Longer”) and New Kids On The Block (“Greatest Hits“). In which sort of warped teeny bop universe do we release cds from both of these acts on the same day? It’s perfect, really. Thirty-year-old moms can take their 12 year old daughters out for new cds today and they’ll both have something to blast on the way home.Yippie!

While both albums seem to be getting acceptable reviews, considering their respective genres, I still feel like something is missing: HANSON. A simultaneous Hanson release would be the only thing that could make me “happier” on this day.

If you haven’t realized I’m kidding by now…that’s fine. Go ahead and take me seriously. I’m sure that The Jonas Brothers and New Kids On The Block both have many redeeming songs on their new releases.

But honestly…I am moderately excited to see what comes of Extreme’s new release, “Saudades de Rock”. (Who knew they were still making music? WHO KNEW, I ask you.) OTHER ALBUMS RELEASED TODAY:

Daddy Yankee-“Talento de Barrio
East Village Opera Company-“Olde School

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