The Ass-ential Alicia Sacramone

Despite her tragic falls last night in the fight for the gold against the uber-jail-bait Chinese gymnastics team (who won), 20-year-old Alicia Sacramone is still our favorite high-flying hottie. She’s cute as can be, and fills out the spandex better than any other gymnast in Beijing this year–maybe ever. Oh, and did we mention that she’s a total badass?

To properly honor this flexible hottie, we’ve put together the one-stop-shop for all the Sacramone sexiness this side of the Great Wall with The Ass-ential Alicia Sacramone. Maybe the US team came in second yesterday, but Alicia and her bodacious butt have already earned their gold.

74 thoughts on “The Ass-ential Alicia Sacramone”

  1. she is so damn hot. shame they dnt get points for looks in the olympics. to bad she messed up. x

  2. She's 20 but doesn't look it. I wouldn't want to piss her off, though. What a muscular set of shoulders and neck meat! She's a definite 9! She'd be a 10 if her dad owned a liquor store.

  3. She's 20. Read the freaking article crunchy!

    And yeah I'm glad you guys put this page up. I noticed her last night and just thought, yeah she's not doing her best, but holy crap was she fun to watch.

  4. i love this girl…. she soooo hoooot…. im in love!!!! Alicia I love You!!! damn shes unbelievable i love the way she moves… jst to let yall know i never get like this but damn shes hot.. anyone has her number?

  5. Yeah, she's pretty for a gymnast … when so many look like sawed-off fire hydrants like M.L. Retton et al. Still, once this chick quits gymnastics she's gonna get even thicker, so enjoy her now. And FYI, after dating a ballerina for a bit back in the day, flexibility is a very fun thang.

  6. Her real name is HorseNeck McGee. The neck that is bigger than her head is a deal breaker for me.

  7. Don't worry guys, few more years and she'll be too old for gymnastics and then playboy will come calling….damn it wish playboy would come calling yesterday!

  8. Natia Liukin is even hotter. Greatest ass and legs on the planet. Looks like she's triple jointed to, and could probably do some real fun things with that flexibility.

  9. Alicia is a total hottie and aside from her fall, an amazing gymnast as well. i dated several gymnasts in college, flexibility is a very good thing. 😉 and other than ML Mutton, most gymnasts don't let themselves go. if anything, they look exactly the same, they only age in the face. i know 40+ yo gymnasts who still have the same body as when they were 20, they just have some more wrinkles. and in the dark, they still feel like 20 year olds but have way more moves. 😉

  10. She is so hot!! her legs, shoulders and oh man! that beautiful big neck what a masterpiece! her neck is so sexy and big, ready for a bite? is spanish she would be nicknamed "pescuezuda sacramone" (big neck sacramone) still, she is got much more talent than any other usa gymnast. Cheers for her! 🙂

  11. oh my god… she is sooo hot…. they say she is 20 … well if she aint i would deff go to jail if she would just let me take her on a date… im 21 .. just her age how do i get intouch ith her… lol…

  12. whats with these stupid pictures of athletes bottoms and crotches? Are we turning Japanese or something?!

  13. Did anyone notice that the first pic (with the ass spilling out) is from Athens in 2004? Jesus, man. She was 17 with all of that junk in the trunk? Good Lord.

  14. This girl is sooo fine! the sexiest gymnast!!!
    I would hit it so goood like it was nobody business. Whats her email?

    She was robbed though. that Chinese girl who got bronze knows it too but integrity and honesty is not what the Olympics is about in Beijing with there digital fireworks and lip syncing little Chinese girl.

  15. shes pretty cute nastia isnt close and the only other one is shawn johnson whos got the like the best ass ever

  16. Damn, that slut should of just got the gold for that nice ass of hers. I'd lick that tight little asshole of hers all night long, then pound the fuck out of it, because you know her ass is so tight and she's never had a monster cock stretch that bitch out

  17. I think it's shameful all these comments objectifying an incredible athlete, minimizing her to a pair of incredible breasts an an ass that I you couldn't even imagine the things that I would be willing to eat out of it ….. I'm sorry what was the question?

  18. Alicia Sacramone is one the most graceful and beatiful girls I have ever seen. I would do anything to take this girl out and treat her like a queen.I think I'm in love!

  19. This girl is amazing!! She is 21 not 12 and the thick neck is because of her athleticism. Look at the body!! None of those girls have curves like that. They all have great legs and asses but nothing up top. And how about those brown eyes??? She'll be in a movie or TV she is just too hot. And what an onion she has for an ass!!! (round, firm, and brings tears to your eyes!!)

  20. Lemme ask u this: How many of u r black?
    I kno this question is weird,but i was watchin the olympics and this girl i lve with[she is HOT as hell] and she told me that black people dont watch the olympcs. im mixed,so i asked her only half of me was watchn it? cuz im pretty ure my eyes were glued 2 the screen when Alicia Sacrcamonewas on

  21. This one time Alicia and I stayed late in the gym practicing for Beijing. Soon after we showered up and she started deep throating my yock davis mercilessly. I stuck 2 fingers up her snatch, when she removed them and put them in her butt hole. Then she stuck my pinky in her snatch. I told her it was a backwards shocker, to which she replied the gymnastics team refers to it as a Luikin. True story, I still have the wart on my fingers to prove it.

  22. Alicia and the rest of the girls from the US tried the best they could ,but the chinese team were too good on the day.Well pending on the outcome with the investigation into the legal age of two chinese girls , c'mon honestly looking at them you would think an age on about 10-12 comes to mind i think thats wrong they shouldn't cheat, its just sad what happened to alicia in two events the pressure of a country rested on her so heavily ,i suppose being at the time being team captain would in its self has added pressure alone? Well regardless what happens to alica sacramone she can still hold herself up and say i gave it my best thats all i think we could have asked of her good on you girl you go you good thing as for the comments thats negative sad guys yes she is an attractive young lady give her some respect man shes a human being not a piece of meat ?

  23. I just had a dream about her and I cant get her out of my mind ahhhhh its driving me crazy I have to meet her. I wonder what she thinks about all the guys trying to hit on her just because she's famous or because she's hot…….I dont know…. and if she see's this page….whats up.

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