The Ass-ential Nastia Liukin

The perfect weapon–vicious talent, inhuman flexibility, super hotness–Anastasia “Nastia” Valeryevna Liukin reigns as star of the 2008 US women’s gymnastics team at the Beijing Summer Games.

With nine World Championship medals already in the bag–and a fresh Olympic gold, which she earned Thursday night in the women’s gymnastics overall competition–this 18-year-old comes from an immaculate pedigree, her father winning Olympic gold at the ‘88 Games on the horizontal bars for the Soviets, her mother a World Champion rhythmic Russian gymnast.

And on top of all those skills is a blond bombshell that makes us wish we were chalk boys…or something. But were not, so we did what we do best–a wall of split-rific pics of the all around awesomeness that is Nastia Liukin. And now, The Ass-ential Nastia Liukin.

103 thoughts on “The Ass-ential Nastia Liukin”

  1. How dare you objectify these girls who worked hard to get in the Olympics!

    just Kidding. Now I don't feel so bad checking out these shiny commie red derriers on my high def set.

  2. Anyone that thinks she's a butterface has no idea what they're talking about. As I said before she is the most beautiful girl on earth.

  3. She looks like average Russian girl. Same as Kurnikova. Nothing hot – every girl in Moscow looks "hot" like this. If someone want to see really hot girls – visit Kiev (Ukraine) or St. Pterburg (Russia).

  4. to the above retards

    Kiddy soft Porn
    Can you spell JAIL. Those girls are under 18.
    If you have those pictures in your computer and somehow your computer get's are going to jail baby.
    You better focus on other body parts when looking at a 16 year old.

    perverts !!!!

  5. Hot? WTF! This chick has a big ass fucking forehead…just look at that fucking thing…its HUGE…..nasty looking nose and no body!

  6. She has the sheer determination and passion of a world class athlete. It's nice to see you boil her down to another throw away set of boyhood voyeuristic photographs.

  7. someone will get a bang for their buck LOL shes pretty buttttt shes nawt sexxxiiiii shell make someon happy in bed but not me cuz im a gurl!!!!!!! check itttttttt

  8. I would love to go out with Nastia i love the girl gymnasts most of them are sexy all the positions they get into i dont know how they do it. Most russian girls are sexy!

  9. Pretty hot, but missing entirely any kind of ass or boobs. I would consider implants if I were her. After all, you can only get so far with a good face. You've got to have SOMETHING to turn your man on.

  10. I am laughing so hard at the Robocop comment! That is so true. I'm going to sh*t my pants from laughing.

  11. wow, almost everyone on this post is a fucking idiot. this girl works harder in a single day than probably everyone of you do in a single year. first of all, give her some compassion and support for what she's done for our country (one gold, three silvers {one of these would've been a gold, but some 12 year old chinese girl named He Kexin totally cheated her for it} and she has one bronze). this is a girl you don't just tlak about "tapping", everyon should respect her more htan any other girl on earth. she is so beautiful, and i may seem like a gigantic loser for saying all this, but i love nastia liukin. too bad i will never get the chance to meet her, but hey, you never know. fuck everyone who wrote negative about her, she is the shit. GO U.S.A.!

  12. and maybe her body isnt perfect, but i dont care. a beautiful woman who knows what she's doing, and kicks ass what she does is more than enough i'd be looking for. plus, many athletes who are so intense and focused on their sport like most gymnasts go through a growth abnormallity where there bodies don't fully develop because of hormones stunting that growth. she looks like that because SHE IS A HARD WORKING, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, YOU WOMANIZING PEICES OF SHITS!

  13. whoa tim your right … why would you be some sad gigantic loser for saying that? you made a point … i cant belive i remraked i would tap her i didnt realise how hard she worked … im kinda speechless

  14. Nastia is perfect in every way, an absolute knock out. She is so smokin hot its unbelievable. I love those perfect pointed toes, pert breasts and that fine fanny. She scores a perfect 10 with me.

  15. Cunning Linguist

    Reading all of these idiotic posts makes me realize that it's folks like you who keep KY Jelly in business.

    I hope someone has got your mom/sister/niece bent over and screaming right about now. You all deserve it!

  16. I think she is beautiful! every girl is beautiful in their own way and Nastia is very distinctive among other girls. Notice the facial expressions she makes, they're sooo cute 🙂 I love her and she is sooo hard working!!!! I def. look up to her and she def. motivates me to work hard in life. remember, "the sky is the limit!"

  17. Intriguing to see the reactions here… Michael apparently willingly visits a website dedicated to objectifying scantily clad women to complain about scantily clad women being objectified. Tim has the energy to go on a huge rant defending some woman he has never met and who will never read all the mean stuff being written about her. Finally, Ed apparently has a fetish for girls with foreheads like aliens… Interesting

  18. hey Tim, you are so right in everything you said, anyone who would call you a loser is a fucking retard with no future.

  19. nastia liukin is hot her body isnt perfect but something about her makes her hot (i found this site by googleing nastia liukin naked lol) im 17 so shes only a year older then me but shawn johnson hotter and shes only a year younger then me her bodies a bit more perfect my gf like 1000times hotter then them though her names tara virgo u can gsearch her name on myspace and see her pic which would giv u a idea of really how hot she is and i fuck her and by the way everyone on this chat site is a fucking loser and needs 2 get a life like me so now im going 2 post this and probably never come back and never get ur replies well… maybe i will 2 argue with the ppl tht reply back 2 this

  20. dude, for anybody who doesn't like her tits… you fail. she is an OLYMPIC GYMNAST. she could probably kick any of your asses. Athletes have to have low body fat. she has a great body for what she does- long, slender, graceful, but still strong and powerful. if you like a ghetto booty, fine. if you like your double d's, great. but if a gymnast tried any of their exercises with that much extra weight and resistance, they would'nt make it on the high school team let alone the olympics.
    i wouldn't change a thing if i had my way with her… 😀

  21. wakeupfucktards

    Christ Tim you'd think that there would be something better to do than protect some skinny little gymnast who you'll never meet. In fact Ive got better shit to do than this.All the douche bags on here are just a bunch of bored perverts having fun.

  22. This has nothing to do with the post but Michael Phelps looks like he's wearing a halter top with his gold medals draped around his neck1!!!!!

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