USC Football Team Sacked By Jock Itch Outbreak

USC Football Hit Hard By Jock Itch Outbreak

Each day, it seems, another player shows up at USC football practice with a pained expression and an uncomfortable gait, feet spread wide, stepping gingerly across the turf.

They are victims of an ailment that has swept through the team during training camp, something that coaches refer to as “a skin irritation.”

The players call it “jock itch.” [LA Times]

Instead of Helping High School Grads Grow Up, Colleges Prolong Childhood

College is not all it’s cracked up to be. Dumbed-down courses, flaky majors and grade inflation have conspired to make the letters B.A. close to meaningless. But another problem with today’s colleges is more insidious: They are no longer a good place for young people to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Today’s colleges are structured to prolong adolescence, not to midwife maturity. [Forbes]

7 Reasons to Start a Business in College

College marks the beginning of new found freedom for everyone. This is the best time to experiment because you have fewer limitations being that most students move away from there parents house and live on their own in apartments or dormitories. Not only do you have more freedom but you are in a environment where you are free to be creative and think of new ideas. You meet new people and learn new things everyday.

Remember Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook)? He’s now worth $5 billion dollars and was a Harvard dropout. Bill Gates? Yes, him too — but his valuation is even higher.

Why not start your own business? You really don’t have much to lose but have so much to gain. Here are 7 great reasons why you should start a business in college. [College Businessmen]

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