Ohio Student Left In Greece After Alleged Plagiarism

Ohio U. Student Left In Greece After Alleged Plagiarism

An Ohio University student was left to find her own way home from Greece after being found guilty of plagiarism on a study abroad program at sea.

Allison Routman, an Ohio University senior from Minnesota, along with a student from California Baptist University, were expelled from Semester at Sea, a program sponsored by the University of Virginia, for plagiarizing from Wikipedia.

“When we first arrived at the ship, they explained the honor code to everyone,” Routman said. “But it is a very complex system, especially for those who don’t go to U. Va. and are unfamiliar with how it works.” [Ohio University’s The Post]

Free Digital Texts Begin To Challenge Costly College Textbooks in California

The annual college textbook rush starts this month, a time of reckoning for many students who will struggle to cover eye-popping costs of $128, $156, even $198 a volume.

Caltech economics professor R. Preston McAfee finds it annoying that students and faculty haven’t looked harder for alternatives to the exorbitant prices. McAfee wrote a well-regarded open-source economics textbook and gave it away — online. But although the text, released in 2007, has been adopted at several prestigious colleges, including Harvard and Claremont-McKenna, it has yet to make a dent in the wider textbook market. [LA Times]

CSU Fitness Study Pits Wii Boxing Against Real Thing

Sweat drips down Renee Mershon-Wollerman’s face as she eyes a boxer across the ring.
She ducks left, punches. Her opponent, a Japanese amateur, throws an uppercut. Mershon-Wollerman counters. Jab. Right hook. Her opponent hits the canvas and doesn’t get up.

Mershon-Wollerman goes to a neutral corner, but there are no high-fives, no celebration. Just a simple request from her trainer, Kristen Perusek: Pause the video game for a second and rate yourself on an exercise exertion scale. [Cleveland]

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