Caption This: Hot Gymnasts Edition

This is a live screen-grab from NBC’s coverage of the Olympic gymnastics competition in Beijing. And the hotties kissing are, we think, Romanian floor exercise gold medalist Sandra Izbasa and her coach, caught in a gleeful embrace of super sexy proportions. Now it’s your job to tell us what they’re thinking.

The Rules:
Submit your best caption, and the winner (based purely on our bias) will receive a $15 iTunes gift card! Let the captioning begin!

15 thoughts on “Caption This: Hot Gymnasts Edition”

  1. this isn't the only pair of your lips I'll be kissing tonight. The lower pair will envolve this bottle of honey i am holding in my left hand.

  2. You all think this is a screen shot from the Olympics , it's actually the opening scene from Vivid Videos latest release from the Gym-Asstics series titled " Pole Vaulting 5, Girls of the Eastern Block"

  3. The chick in the background is sooo jealous. Is this the making of a new site? 2 chicks 1 bottle of honey? New site on Nice.

  4. Craigslist posting> casual encounters> w4w

    I'll dress up in my cute little pink swimsuit and watch you while you kiss and fondle my sister. P.S. You bring the honey… lets see what happens.

  5. “Can you see Nastia!? Does she look jealous!?..This’ll show her! We could’ve been so happy together…”

  6. When coach saw us kiss
    He didn't like it one bit
    He spanked us real hard
    But I'm still lickin' yo clit

  7. The caption is WRONG! In the picture is the Russian coach and the RUSSIAN gymnast KSENIA Semenova! Her leotard is pretty similar with the one that Sandra Izbasa of Romania wear during her event final floor routine (where she won GOLD!) but this picture is not of Sandra!!! Nevertheless, Sandra's coach is a MAN – Nicolae Forminte (not a woman)!

  8. What a nice picture of two women not afraid of being greatfull to one another. Or is the teacher teaching something els on the side to the young gymnast? Kind of makes me think nasty thought looking at this photo.

  9. ja tutaj dowiedziałem sandra dostawała lanie od trenera forminte,niestety jak mi wiadomo kary cielesne-autokary sa wymierzane zawodniczkom ,co ja wiem od 1976 roku,od czasow bely karolego,potem octaviana belu,teraz forminte,niestety elena tez dostawała niestety lanie,rosyjscy i rumuńscy trenerzy maja podobne metody treningowe,dlaczego zawodniczki sa wciaz bite,to jest ciemna strona tego tak pięknego sportu

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