Tuesday’s Album Releases: Toadies, Family Force 5

I simply could not be more excited to lay the wonderful news of album releases on you today. This is primarily because a band that has been one of my favorite bands since I was 10 years old finally released a new album.

In fact, the first time I ever used the internet, their band’s name was the first thing I ever typed into a search engine. I sat there at that mysterious computer in my dad’s office and found the letters on the keyboard: T-O-A-D-I-E-S.

The Toadies have remained one of my favorite bands since then, but they haven’t released nearly as much material as I hoped at age 10 I’d have by age 24. Nonetheless, their pre-released single, “No Deliverance“, tickles me with the same sacrilegious southern feel with which The Toadies have always managed to catch me off guard.

But if you’re wanting to explore a more upbeat release today, I’ve got the album for you. Family Force 5, an Atlanta band that has been making headlines since blowing everyone away at Warped Tour last year, released “Dance or Die” today. (Note: When I first heard them at Warped Tour from afar, I stood on the roof of my van to see them and then caught myself doing the robot on the roof of my van. True story.)

These boys put on one of the most fun shows in the industry-period. With crazy costumes and dance moves paired with melodic dance songs that actually ROCK, they’re everything mainstream pop music wishes it could be. They’re so dirty with their constant grinding and lines like “Shake It Like An Earthquake”, you’ll forget they’re Christian…over and over again.

Other releases today:

Juliana Hatfield: How To Walk Away (Buy)
Uh Huh Her: Common Reaction (Buy)
Hybrid: Soundsystem 01 (Buy)

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