Welcome, Freshmen. Have an iPod.

Welcome, Freshmen. Have an iPod.

Taking a step that professors may view as a bit counterproductive, some universities are doling out Apple iPhones and Internet-capable iPods to students.

The always-on Internet devices raise some novel possibilities, like tracking where students congregate. With far less controversy, colleges could send messages about canceled classes, delayed buses, campus crises or just the cafeteria menu.

While schools emphasize its usefulness — online research in class and instant polling of students, for example — a big part of the attraction is, undoubtedly, that the iPhone is cool and a hit with students. Basking in the aura of a cutting-edge product could just help a university foster a cutting-edge reputation. [NY Times]

Study: Cost Often Not Factor When Picking College

Even if a student plans on a major where the financial rewards aren’t so obvious, such as art history or philosophy, most American families don’t factor in their child’s expected earning power when considering the potential debt load for college.

That’s according to a study released Wednesday by student lender Sallie Mae, which also found 40 percent of families don’t limit their search for a school based on the total expense. [AP]

Becoming Textually Active with Obama

I’ve been textually active for about a year now. Everyone my age is doing it. And, now, Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama is too — and he wants to be textually active with me.

Sure, he’s intelligent and good-looking. And he seems nice enough. But do I really want this relationship with him? [Youth Vote Blog]

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