Beneath The Scene: Meg & Dia

Here at COED, we like to collect the dirt. Mind you, the dirt doesn’t have to be a ‘bad’ thing, per se, it just has to be the information that you probably did not know lying beneath the scene of the music industry. The dirt we found for today’s beneath the scene, however, is pretty freakin’ filthy.

THE BAND: Meg & Dia
HOMETOWN: Draper, Utah
MEMBERS: Sisters, Meg and Dia Frampton.
THEIR DEAL: These sisters are cute as hell. They’ve got catchy little songs and sweet lyrics to go along with their adorable songs. So let’s get back to the ‘these sisters are cute as hell’ part. I mean, they’re pretty smokin’. But what’s really hot about them is the word on the street that they have no sexual standards. I mean NONE.

Now I’m all about free love, but according to insiders, Meg and Dia give the concept a whole new twist. People who know the girls best are talking and here’s what they’re saying: Sure, they’ll screw around with the boys in bands that they tour with. And everyone else, too. That means you, fans! Are we gonna complain about that? Hell no. But we just thought we’d let you know.

2 thoughts on “Beneath The Scene: Meg & Dia”

  1. HA, Although i love this band, that's a humorous judgment. However, i have noticed that your other articles rarely have comments. This leads me to suspect one of two things:

    1) That your opinions and beliefs have no monetary and/or intellectual value what's so ever to anyone other than yourself.

    or 2) Your bitter and your trying to mislead people seeking information on this band so that your site and articles will have more views…Or maybe your just plain bitter about people who can actually gain the attention of an audience…either case, your projecting yourself to be an asshole.

    Whatever your damage is I will leave you this post so that you feel better about yourself and take comfort in the fact that your propaganda bullshit has taken up valuable space in my cerebral cortex. Also, thanks for the picture…trying to create a screen saver for my computer.

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