Introducing the 2008 All-America Mascot Team

2008 All-America Mascot Team

Capital One Financial today announced the members of the seventh annual Capital One All-America Mascot Team, made up of 12 over-sized and often under-appreciated characters — including three birds, three cats (that could be trouble), one bison, one horse, one wolf, one turtle, one bear and a dog. Each one of these mascots will be putting their best claw, paw, hoof and talon forward while attempting to claim the proverbial mountain of mascot fame and fortune — the title of “Capital One National Mascot of the Year.” [Auto Credit Express]

Arizona State’s New $8.4 Million Athletic Facility Damaged

Arizona State doesn’t open the season until Saturday night, but the Sun Devils suffered a big loss overnight.

The team’s new $8.4 million indoor practice facility was severely damaged when a powerful thunderstorm blasted the Phoenix area. Winds of 75 mph were reported at Sky Harbor Airport.

The 103,500-square-foot facility was completed last month. The bubble roof, which is supported by air pressure, was reportedly left in shreds from the storm. [The Wiz of Odds]

Party President Cashes In On Keg Photo Greatness

We started this week by introducing the blogging public to Robert Paxton, a community college president, who helped a young lady get saucy over the July 4 holiday.

Today we find out that the above photo turned into a $400,000 payday for Bob.

It’s the perfect way to end this week. On a good note.

Let this be a lesson to all aspiring (community) college presidents. Stay young, fit and buy a nice friggin’ boat that will attract hot chicks.

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