Tuesday’s Album Releases: Underoath, Candlebox

Here we are again with the album releases for the week. While there are a handful of albums coming out today, the genre of ROCK ‘N’ ROLL boasts the most rad albums for release today. Among these are Candlebox’s “Alive in Seattle” (CD & DVD combo) and Underoath’s “Lost In The Sound Of Separation“. Although I’d argue that Candlebox is the better band of the two (maybe I’m being biased because they were part of my teenage years, not Underoath), Underoath’s new album is bound to sell more. Their Christian-screamo rock always seems to get the kiddies to their local record store (Wal-mart) with their parents’ money in hand. It’s screaming and growling rock with a good message, after all.

Other albums released today:

Tribute to Pink Floyd: “Dark Side of The Moon: A Jazz Tribute

Hollywood Undead: “Swan Songs” (if you haven’t heard this L.A. party rock band’s music yet, make sure to check it out!)

Supertramp: “Even In The Quietest Moments

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