Homeless Man Murders Pace Student Then Watches Horror Flick In His Dorm

Homeless Man Strangles Pace Student, Watches Horror Flick

Jeromie Cancel, 22, was charged Tuesday night with the suffocation murder of a Pace University honors student.

Kevin Pravia, 19, a college honors student, was found dead in his bed by his Manhattan roommate Sunday night. He had an electrical cord wrapped around his neck and apparently was suffocated with a pillow during a robbery by a stranger he invited to his apartment, police said Tuesday.

Cancel claimed Pravia approached him in Union Square park around 6 a.m. Saturday looking for drugs and the two went to his apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood. After the slaying, Cancel stayed in the apartment to watch the gory horror film “Saw” before leaving before 11 a.m., police said. [WNBC]

The Top Five College Mascots

This weekend saw the greatest continuation in college football mascot tradition — the wrinkly premiere of Uga VII. For those not in the know, the University of Georgia’s Uga is a dog (pronounced “dawg”) who is treated to an air-conditioned dog house and tailored jersey. And, like a medieval king his descendant rises to take his place upon his death.

To commemorate this historic event, Sports Illustrated has released a list of the five greatest college mascots of all time. [Asylum]

What Every Freshman Needs to Know

If you’re about to start your freshman year in college, you’re likely fretting over the homework load and how to avoid embarrassing yourself in front of your classmates.

Meanwhile, your parents’ fears as you take this major step toward adulthood are running as rampant as their imagination will allow.

To start your adult life on the best financial footing possible, consider these 10 rules while you’re in school. [Filife]

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