Student Starts Dorm Fire With Joint, Charged With Arson

Medaille College Student Starts Dorm Fire With Joint Ash, Charged With Arson

A 19-year-old Medaille College student is accused of starting a fire in a dormitory by emptying hot marijuana ash into a garbage can.

Sean M. Burns of Prattsburgh faces multiple charges, including arson, following the fire Monday that triggered the building’s sprinkler system, causing an estimated $200,000 in damage.

Burns was arrested at about 7:20 p.m. Monday by Northwest District police. He has been charged with fourth-degree arson, second-degree reckless endangerment and fourth-degree criminal mischief. [Buffalo NEWS]

10 Ways to Hack Your Next Exam

For many people Fall means exam time. Whether it’s a standardized test to get you into grad school or college or simply a mid-term exam, it seems that once the leaves start to turn it means that it’s time to turn to the books. Some enjoy the challenge. Others dread the anxiety. Everyone wants to know how they can do better.

I’ve spent thousands of hours teaching in my life. A good chunk of that time has been focused on helping to prepare people for various exams including the SAT, the ACT and the GMAT (while working for Kaplan) and for various technology exams while working at a Microsoft training center. In addition over the years I’ve taken each of those exams as well as the PSAT, the LSAT, the CMA and Level One of the CFA. I’d like to share the top 10 “hacks” that I’ve learned over the years and taught to others in the hope that they might be helpful to you. [eduFire]

Smoking Rate, In College Students Is Higher Than Ever

One out of five, U.S. college students have started smoking, but college and university management need to take a strong action against tobacco industry marketing strategies to stop growing rate of student smoking, a new American Lung Association report finds.

“Colleges and universities are responsible to provide safe and sound environment in which their students can study. This should include an atmosphere free of smoking and tobacco advertisements that persuade young adults to use harmful tobacco products,” Bernadette A. Toomey said. [Cool Health Tips]

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