Rate Your Girl: The Area Code System At Work

Every guy has, at one point or another, seen a hot girl walk by or sitting at the bar, turned to his bro and given her a rating from 1-10. It’s fun. We’ve done it, you’ve done, everybody’s done it. But it’s just not working for us anymore.

Luckily, a while back we discovered a far superior chick rating system than the outdated and insufficient 0-10 called the “Area Code System.”

Using three numbers instead of just one, the Area Coed System works like this: The first number (0-9 with 9 as the hottest) rates the face only. The second number is the ‘sex factor,’ whether or not you’d do the nasty with the girl (0=no, 1=yes). And the last number (0-9) rates only the body. So instead of a perfect 10, you have a 919. If she’s only alright, she might be a 718, and so on.

Rather than have us tell you who’s hotter than who, we’ve decided to put the power into your hands with the Area Coed Challenge, and give you a chance to take the new system for a test drive.

Check out the COED’s Area Code Challenge after the jump!

Girl 1: Jenna – UNLV

Digit #1: The Face

[polldaddy poll=1039135]

Digit #2: Sex Factor

[polldaddy poll=1039136]

Digit #3: The Body

[polldaddy poll=1039137]

Girl 2: Jenni – Georgia Tech

Digit #1: The Face

[polldaddy poll=1039138]

Digit #2: Sex Factor

[polldaddy poll=1039139]

Digit #3: The Body

[polldaddy poll=1039140]

Girl 3:  Mirelle – Georgia Tech

Digit #1: The Face

[polldaddy poll=1039141]

Digit #2: Sex Factor

[polldaddy poll=1039142]

Digit #3: The Body

[polldaddy poll=1039143]

Check back at the end of the week for all the results

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