Beneath the Scene: Katy Perry Never Kissed A Girl

THE BAND: Katy Perry
HOMETOWN: Santa Barbara, California
MEMBERS: Katy Perry and her band.

THEIR DEAL: Katy Perry thinks she’s a pin-up girl, plays her quirky card well, and pops out melodic pop songs no different than any pop star before her other than her naughty-girl lyrics that happen to focus a whole lot on homosexuality.

THE DIRT: Miss Perry isn’t gay. She doesn’t have an ex-boyfriend who is gay. In fact, the truth is, despite her recent single, she has NEVER kissed a girl (on her own time–the incident onstage was a stunt). Her explanation as to why she feels so good singing about girls kissing is because she thinks girls are cute! And they’re all touchy feely! Needless to say, she’s pissing a lot of people off-particularly people who are actually gay.

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