The Definitive 25 Sexiest Sportscasters

In the world of sports, you have the athletes and then you have the female sportscasters. Not only do these vixens of stats and plays deliver awesome (and sometimes hilarious) sideline reporting and interviews, they add a woman’s touch to an ugly man’s world, making it all worthwhile–even when your team loses. From a sea of beauty, brains and braun, we’ve narrowed down the field of these mic-holding honeys. So sit back, grab a beer, and get read for the Top 25 Sexiest Sportscasters.

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Name: Hannah Storm
Network: ESPN

The original sportscaster hottie, Hannah Storm has been the queen of sports reporting since her time as the female host of CNN Sports Tonight in the early ’90s. In ’92, Hannah left CNN to join NBC’s sports team, covering everything from the Olympics to Major League Baseball. She then moved to CBS News as one of the hosts of The Early Show before joining ESPN in 2008 as the anchor of Sportscenter. Hannah, for all your years of sports hotness, we salute you!

Name: Sage Steele
Network: ESPN

An Indiana University alum, 35-year-old Sage Steele worked for years at CSN Mid-Atlantic covering the Baltimore Ravens before moving over to ESPN, where she is an update anchor for both Mike and Mike in the Morning and ESPN First Take, both of which air on ESPN 2. That’s all find and dandy, but with a name like that, she should have been a porn star.

Name: Adriana Monsalve
Network: ESPN

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, this lovely latina first gained fame as a singer in the girl band “Chikas” as well as Venezuelan pop band “Tartara” and “Latin Fiesta” (is there any other kind of “fiesta”?) in London. Today, she’s the sports anchor for ESPN Desportes, which airs in the US and Central and South America.

Name: Hazel Mae
Network: New England Sports Network (NESN)

Before becoming the lead anchor for the New England Sports Network’s SportsDesk show, Hazel Mae cut her reporting teeth as the host of a sports show at York University. And she will soon be the new face of MLB Network, so get ready, America! Your baseball coverage is about to get a lot sexier.

Name: Kathryn Tappen
Network: New England Sports Network

Alongside Hazle Mae at NESN is cutie Kathryn Tappen, who co-anchors SportsDesk. But hosting isn’t all she does for sports. Tappen was also an Academic All-American runner for Rutgers University, setting the record for the women’s 3,000-meter steeplechase.

Name: Tina Cervasio
Network: MSG

A former anchor for NESN where she did pre and post game interviews for the Boston Red Sox, Tina Cervasio started her career as a reporter and host for NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN2 and FSN New York, among others. With a specialty in radio, Cervasio covered the 2006 Winter Olympics for Westwood One radio and served as a substitute sports anchor for Imus in the Morning. Wonder why she’s not still doing that?…

Name: Jody Vance
Network: Leafs TV

Beginning her broadcast career at CHRX, Canada’s first Classic Rock radio station, Jody Vance is currently the lead anchor at Leafs TV, which is owned by the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. So not only is she hot, but she could probably beat your ass.

Name: Trenni Kusnierek
Network: FSN Wisconsin

Before joining up with FSN Wisconsin to cover the Brewers, Trenni Kusnierek worked as an anchor and reporter for WDJT-TV in Milwaukee, FSN Pittsburgh, Big Ten and NFL Network. So even if her name sounds insane, her sportscasting is anything but.

Name: Jillian Barberie-Reynolds
Network: FOX

One of the original hotties of sports reporting, Canada native Jillian Barberie-Reynolds started as an actress, with roles in Clueless, V.I.P. and Melrose Place before moving on to Fox NFL Sunday for their weather segment. She is also a hostess for Good Day L.A. Oh yeah, and she lost 50 lbs using NutriSystem, if you care, which you don’t.

Name: Lisa Guerrero
Network: FOX

Born in Chicago and raised in San Diego, California, Lisa started her career as a cheerleader for the Los Angles Rams before moving on to be entertainment director for the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. In ’99, she became a sportscaster for Fox Network, participating in a slew of shows, including The Best Damn Sports Show Period. Oh yeah, and she was in Playboy…forgot ’bout that.

Name: Erin Bates
Network: Speed/OLN

Former model Erin Bates got her start in the world of motorcycle racing as a trophy girl for the International Freestyle Motocross Association before picking up a microphone. She quickly became a co-host for the FMX tour. And since 2003, she’s been rockin’ the camera as the in-stadium live announcer for Supercross and a pit reporter for AMA Supermoto and AMA Motorcross on OLN.

Name: Charissa Thompson
Network: FOX Sports

Known for her quick wit and snappy responses, Charissa Thompson works as a correspondent for The Best Damn Sports Show Period for major sporting events and served as a reporter for FSN’s 2007 MLB All-Star Game Red Carpet Show. She started her career at Fox for the regional affiliate, FSN Rocky Mountains, covering the Colorado Rockies.

Name: Mieke Buchan
Network: FOX/Tennis Channel (Australia)

More a reporting powerhouse than a mere sportscaster, Australian Mieke Buchan has covered everything from the Super Bowl to the Olympic Games. Beginning her carreer hosting Toyota Sports World, Mieke (pronounced me-ka) is also a film reviewer for SCT in Australia and her travel show Destination-Tennis is currently airing.

Name: Ashley Russell
Network: Big Ten Network

Sweet Jesus! This woman is like God’s gift to sideline reporting. Formerly with, Ashley Russell recently moved to Big Ten Network to cover that conference as a sideline reporter. So for those of you who go to Rivals to get your Ashley fix, unlucky!

Name: Lindsay Czarniak
Network: NBC4

Starting as a reporter and sportscaster, Lindsay quickly moved on to become co-host of The George Michael Sports Machine and covered both the 2006 Winter Olympics and the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. She is also the host of a 30-minute show on Oxygen called Gymnastics on Oxygen which, we’re guessing, is kind of lame. Unless of course you like fit chicks in spandex–then it might be your thing…

Name: Jamie Little
Network: ESPN/ABC

Getting her start at ESPN in 1998 as a reporter for both the Winter and Summer X Games, Jamie Little is a former reporter for the Indy Racing League and is currently the pit reporter for NASCAR Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup Series. In addition, she won the 2008 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, beating NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Mike Skinner. Sorry Mike, you got beat by a girl. But she’s super fly, so we’ll forgive you, this time.

Name: Lindsay Soto
Network: FSN/NBC/NFL

A broadcast journalism major for the University of Southern California, Lindsay Soto started her career as an ABC sports reporter then moved on to a FOX affiliate in Santa Barbara, CA. She currently coveres FSN’s High School Game of the Week as well as covering many So-Cal sporting events. Lindsay also served as a sportsdesk reporter for NBC’s coverage of the 2008 Olympics and will serve as reporter for College Football on Versus.

Name: Leanne Tweeden
Network: Fox/Sirius

In a smorgasborg of hotness (she¹s Norwegian, Spanish and Filipino), this 35-year-old model and actress is best known for her role as correspondent on Fox Sport Net¹s Best Damn Sports Show Period from 2000 to 2007. She’s currently a co-host on the Covino and Rich Show, which airs on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 108, Maxim Radio.

Name: Molly Sullivan
Network: Mountainwest Sports Network (MTN)

Emanating her hotness from the deserts of Las Vegas, Molly Sullivan is a sportscaster and entertainment reporter and a former swimmer for the University of North Carolina. Nowadays, she does everything from reporting for the local E! news crew to producing shows for Vegas’s Channel 13. Basically, if you want to know Vegas, you need to talk to Molly.

Name: Shana Hiatt
Network: NBC

Ok, ok, so poker isn’t exactly a sport. But it can make you sweat, takes skill and has one of the hottest reporters on television covering events, so sue us. Though she’s currently taking time off due to pregnancy, Shana started as the host of the World Poker Tour before moving over to NBC to host Poker After Dark and National Heads-Up Poker Championship. If someone can go babysit her kid so she can get back on air, we’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

Name: Ines Sainz
Network:  TV Azteca

This Mexican beauty has, quite possibly, the best butts we’ve every laid eyes on. But besides all that, she’s a sports reporter for TV Azteca. And I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Mexican television, but that has to be some of the most bootylicious programming this side of Adult On Demand.

Name: Heidi Watney
Network: New England Sports Network

Starting her career as a weekend sports reporter for KMPH in Fresno, California, 27-year-old Heidi Watney is the on-field reporter for NESN’s coverage of the Boston Red Sox and recently took over for co-hottie Hazel
Mae as host for The Ultimate Red Sox Show. Before getting into broadcasting, she competed in the Miss California pageant where she was first and second runner-up in ’02 and ’03. We think she should have won…duh.

Name: Jenn Sterger
Network: New York Jets

A FSU Cowgirl, Jenn Sterger rose to fame when she was shown on-camera at a 2005 Florida State-Miami game and announcer Brent Musburger commented that “15,000 young red-blooded Americans just signed up to go to Florida State next semester,” because of her supreme hotness. From that, she was hired by the New York Jets as the “gameday host” for the team. Additionally, she’s a former online columnist for Sports Illustrated and has posed in both Maxim and Playboy magazines.

Name: Erin Andrews
Network: ESPN

Beginning her career as a freelance sportscaster at FSN Florida, 30-year-old Andrews is one of the hottest reporters anywhere, ever. She’s the sideline reporter for ESPN College Football Saturday and Big Ten college basketball, and MLB, and…screw it–she covers pretty much everything. Not that we’re complaining…

Name: Lisa Dergan
Network: FOX

Now settle down, Erin Andrews fans. Lisa Dergan is as hot as sportscasters get. There are none hotter, or more willing to take it all off for her fans. Getting a break in 2001, Lisa was hired for a weekend sports show on L.A.’s KCBS. She then joined FOX Sports in 2002, gaining notable interviews with everyone from Tiger Woods to John Elway. But more importantly, she’s a former St. Pauli Girl, was Playboy‘s Playmate of the Month for July ’98, and she’s been in special editions of the magazine six times. Beat that!

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Honorable Mention: Alex Flanagan, Rachel Nichols, Colleen Dominguez, Summer Sanders, Jill Arrington [retired from Sportscasting in 2005], Bonnie Bernstein, Kelly Tilghman, Melissa Stark, Elle Duncan, Pam Oliver, Wendy Venturini, Kristina Akra

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