Pirating Is Cool Again! Pimp Your iPod For Free Using YouTube

So you’re tired of spending your valuable bucks on $.99 downloads from the iTunes store? Me too! (Stupid economy…) MySpace Music Store is set to launch later this week, but even there you’re going to have to pay close to $1 per song.

Lemme throw this controversial questions up against the wall – what happened to good ole pirating? I miss the days where I could jack the equivalent of $500 worth of music in one sitting – for free!

Well, screw you, Steve Jobs and your DRM protected music, I’m not putting up with it anymore.

Fortunately, in my endless hours of surfin’ the net I ran into a secret website (that probably isn’t so secret) that allows you to convert YouTube videos into MP3’s. The sound quality is outstanding, it takes only a matter of seconds and it’s 100% free.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Visit YouTube Catcher’s Video to MP3 Converter

2) Paste the song’s YouTube URL into the converter

3) Click Download and BAMMMM! Free music…

It’s that damn easy, I have absolutely no idea why everyone isn’t using this system.

If you want to get even more bonkers convert & customize your newly downloaded mp3 into a ringtone.

2 thoughts on “Pirating Is Cool Again! Pimp Your iPod For Free Using YouTube”

  1. Yeah… we're not all using this method because we still know how to download all that music for free… and also because YouTube quality sucks.

    Thanks for comin' out though.

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