If Wikipedia Was a Professor, College Would Be Awesome [Citation Needed]

If Wikipedia Was a Professor, College Would Be Awesome [Citation Needed]

CollegeHumor, kings of turning internet memes into viral videos, have done it again with Professor Wikipedia. It’s pretty awesome, although I take issue with the notion that nobody wants to know the names of all the makeup artists who worked on the original Star Wars trilogy. I’m pretty sure Jesus Diaz does. Guy is a superfan. [Gizmodo]

The Top 10 Worst Calls of the BCS Era

Since incompetent officiating is fresh on the minds of college football fans everywhere, I thought it may help the victims of this latest hosing to know that they are not alone. Here, we examine the worst calls of the BCS era, which comprises the last ten years of college football.

Before I get a slew of e-mails asking me why so many of these games occurred in 2007, I can only tell you that it’s fitting that college football’s craziest season ever also contained some of the worst calls of the decade. But this is meant to be an interactive article, so please utilize the comments section below to bellow, rant, or add your own pick to the list.

Drum roll please, here’s the countdown. [Bleacher Report]

How to Get a Bid at a Top Five Fraternity

Rushing a frat is much easier than rushing a sorority, mainly because it’s not some highly orchestrated parade where you have to tour each house regardless of how much most of them might suck. If this were the case for frats, it would take a month, since there are more houses than anyone even realizes. Alpha Sig? What the hell is that?

But anyways, everyone wants to know how to get into a “top” frat meaning you get to party with all the hottest sorority girls and get an inflated sense of self-worth while walking around campus among lowly tier-3 brothers and GDIs. How do you do it? The answer really isn’t as hard as you think. [CollegeOTR]

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