UF Fans Cyberattack Tennessee’s Wiki Page

UF Football Fans Cyberattack UT’s Wiki Page

Florida fans were busy Thursday night with a cyberattack on the Wikipedia page for Tennessee Volunteers football. The page has since been restored to its Rocky Top glory, but a screen grab of the damage was sent our way.

Click the image for a closer look. [Wiz of Odds]

The 11 Most Badass College Logos

Ever since I was a wee little sprat, college football logos have fascinated me. The pageantry and tradition behind each (well, most) far surpasses any pro logo. Below is a list of my 11 all-time favorites. A good portion of these teams are well hated here on 4HT, but this list is about logo preference, not team preference. Enjoy, and feel free to share your opinion. Before we begin, here is the absolute WORST one ever….. These are in no particular order. [4HT]

Playboy Drama at Ann Arbor’s Girls Of The Big Ten Party

It seems only one of three University of Michigan ladies to get nude in the magazine decided to show for the Ann Arbor party so Playboy officials were left with only one hot chick option.

They hired Michigan State chicks to entertain the crowd. Chris Duncan, a Playboy U. representative, has the official full report on this epic decision. [Busted Coverage]

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