Is Live Blogging/Twittering A College Class Bad?

Is Live Blogging/Twittering A College Class Bad?

It’s quite common these days for people to “live blog” or “live Twitter” different conferences or events they’re attending, filling in others what’s happening in near real time. However, what happens when someone does that in a college class? Already, there are some professors struggling with the fact that students use the internet during class, but they’re not at all happy about the idea that they might not just be using the internet to surf around — but to report to others what’s happening inside the classroom. The issue is discussed in detail by Mark Glaser in his latest MediaShift column after an NYU professor told her students to stop blogging or Twittering things about her class. [Techdirt]

For $40K, Consultant Gets Students Ivy-League Ready

One of the Dartmouth admissions committee’s favorite essays this year was written — unbeknownst to committee members — by a student who had thousands of dollars worth of help.

That help came from former-Dartmouth-admissions- officer-turned-college- application-consultant Michelle Hernandez. [NPR]

Top 5 Foods to Keep in Your College Dorm

Instead of always resorting to buying fast food and cafeteria meals, why not keep a few of these great snacks and instant meals in your dorm’s cupboard?

This way you’ll have variety and you also save money in the process. [College Invasion Today]

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