New Drinking Game: Bar Golf

Mark Twain once said that “golf is a good walk spoiled.”

We here at COED wonder what he would have thought of Bar Golf. One thing is for sure: it would have been tough to play on a riverboat.

Here’s how you play.

In Bar Golf, holes are represented by bars. Nine holes is standard, but you can play a full round of 18 holes if you are a bad-a**, or Irish.

Each player gets a scorecard just like the regular game of golf. At each bar, every player gets a beer (or whatever pre-arranged drink you like), and has to drink it in as few tries as possible. Then you record the number of tries as your score.

If you can chug a beer in one shot, you got yourself a hole-in-one, and probably a wet shirt. The player with the lowest total score at the end is the winner.

You also can introduce penalties as follows:

The water hazard: Any spilled drink incurs a one-shot penalty.

Bunker shot: Any trips to the bathroom incur a one-shot penalty.

In the rough: Any puking incurs a two-shot penalty.

And if some players in your group are not heavy drinkers, give them a handicap like not counting the first gulp. It’s truly, a gentleman’s game.

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