How This Financial Mess Got Started

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By now you’ve all heard about the financial crisis gripping America Earth, but most of us aren’t high finance majors – so you might be in the dark about what is going on and how it started. This is highly important information people – time to get in the know!

My buddy who works at Merrill Lynch (and magically somehow still has a job) sent me this irreverent yet tactful power point that breaks down the situation for people that aren’t at the Wharton School of Business.

He says, “Its perfect. It is THE dummies guide to how it all went down. Its stick figures being a little bit sarcastic but for the most part dead on to the whole mess. Id really suggest you take a look at it ASAP.”

For your own good, click to see how the financial disaster got started

3 thoughts on “How This Financial Mess Got Started”

  1. First they stole 2 elections… nothing happened…Then 9-11 & the war based on lies… nothing happened… then they shredded the constitution & spied on everyone… nothing happened…then they conducted a thinly veiled ethic cleansing with Katrina…nothing happened…now they are taking us all to the cleaners…can you identify a pattern here ?

    The Military is Nowhere…
    The Press is Nowhere…
    The Congress is Nowhere…
    The Senates is Nowhere…

    Is there a limit to the damage this executive branch can inflict to the USA ?

    It seems not !

    We've Been Taken Over By a Cult


  2. yeah… you are SOOO right JFWILLIAM.
    Bush is responsible for all of this…
    Grow up.

    Your use of the word 'They'seems to suggest you are a democrat. Just don't forget that Congress (which includes both the House and Senate)is democrat controlled.

    you are right about being taken over by a cult though… The Obama 'Hope' Cult. All these uninformed clowns following him blindly.

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