Top 20 Gourmet College Dining Halls in America

Top 20 Gourmet College Dining Halls

I don’t know about your college, but the food at UMass is well, not the most scrumptious. The salad bar got old after the first week (of freshman year) and I swear the food is mixed with laxatives; I can never keep anything down (TMI, I know, my B).

Anyways, eating in the dining commons at my school was my least favorite option and I imagined it to be the same for every campus, until I came across an article on Yahoo about the Top 20 Rankings for Best College Food and became insanely jealous of these delicious treats. [College Candy]

The Five Craziest Fan bases in College Football

It’s not just a game or a showing of amateur athletes on a Saturday afternoon (or Tuesday night, as Sun Belt fans will have it).  College football is life, and a glorious one at that.

But which school has the most obnoxious, closed-minded, big-talking, and sometimes small-walking fans? [Bleacher Report]

Vanderbilt 57, Notre Dame 37

Meet the Notre Dame 37. The students pictured in the mug shots on the following pages were arrested late last month when Indiana police broke up a bash at an off-campus home in South Bend. When the cops arrived, suspects scattered, with many attempting to hide inside the house (under beds, inside closets, and in the attic and basement). [Smoking Gun]

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