All Your Online TV In One Place:

Recently, we put together a guide to all of the best online television sites on the Internet. But it looks like someone else had that idea and ran with it.

By allowing you to search through over 11,000 full-length episodes – 26 million hours of video – is the best way to find exactly the shows you want to watch online.

Instead of making you watch only the latest episode, Blinkx Remote allows you to easily search and choose from any episode available, and then immediately links you over to the correct video.

So if you missed an entire season, no longer do you have to go through click after click of unwanted pages to get to whichever episode you want to watch.

Though they only include legitimate Sites (no piracy here!), they’ve compiled links to everything from The A Team to The Office, so get ready to waste even more time than you are right now…

Check out, here!

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