Living With A Drug Dealer College Roommate

Living With A Drug Dealer College Roommate

He had put me through hell my freshman year. He went from a casual user, to a dealer, to a completely dependent addict and near convict in less than a year. And I had front row seats to the whole episode. D.A.R.E. can never give you an education like that. [College Magazine]

Andrew Jackson U. Offers ECON 101 Free To Congress Members

The bailout exposed a fact most watchdogs already knew about Congress — it ain’t the London School of Economics.

So, the president of Andrew Jackson University, a small online school based in Birmingham, is jumping into this miasma of ignorance to offer a free online course in Econ 101 to members of Congress. This after a thumbnail survey found that eight of 10 had no formal training in economics. [Politico]

Student Arrested For Indecent Exposure Cites TV Show Prank

A Miramar High School student who exposed himself to a teacher said he was just reenacting a “funny prank” he saw on “That 70’s Show,” authorities said.

The teacher didn’t think it was funny. Neither did police, who arrested the student for indecent exposure, according to documents released Tuesday. See what he did… [Sun Sentinel]

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