Ridiculously Rad Rollergirls

Saturday marks the 8th annual Texas Cavello Cup Roller Derby Championship and that means tons of super hot, tattooed, badass chicks brawling it out to become the queens of the rollergirl world. From the Cherry Bombs to the Rhinestone Cowgirls, these hardcore roller derby girls aren’t just hot, they could kick your ass with their eyes closed.

Founded in 2001 by Austin, Texas natives Anya Jack, April Herman, Heather Burdick and Nancy Lynn, the TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls is the original revival roller derby league in the US and they’ve gone from just a few chicks to a national army of sexy skaters, bashing each other to the floor, with other leagues popping up all over the country. And while not all of the girls pictured here are from the TXRD circuit, they’re with them in heart and soul. So be careful – with names like Polly Urethane and Evilynn Carnit, these tough little lasses could clean your clock and make you like it.

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13 thoughts on “Ridiculously Rad Rollergirls”

  1. ^ should you really be concerned about such a topic whilst such beautiful ass shots are available for viewing.. welcome to the internet "weenisface"


  2. Cherrylicious, NC-17

    i don't even know why i'm on this page, but one of my old leaguemates sent me the link… and can i just say? i'm wicked flattered! thanks y'all!

    <3 Cherrylicious, #NC-17
    Angel City Derby Girls, formerly Charm City Roller Girls

  3. wow. if only these women put their talent and incredible strength to better use than to be drooled over by a bunch of dopes. how gross. the whole thing.

  4. You really shouldn't post pictures without the photographer's/skater's permissions. I almost always say "yes" but you're basically stealing content and all my pictures are labeled copyright.

  5. Sweet asses are no excuse for poor grammar! And Boss Hogg…

    A) It's virtually impossible to track down the owner of such miscellaneous shots on the net.

    B) They're not charging people to look at them, so fair use.

    C) Do you acquire permission and signed release forms from subjects of every picture you take? No? Didn't think so. So take a pill, sport.

  6. Cutter–

    Most shots are not "miscellaneously" found online. Most derby photographers have the consent of the league and event that they're photographing, so in a sense, they do have permission. They do sign forms. And when they post photos on the net, they're not usually in random spots.

    It's not that Boss Hogg feels like he's missing a piece of the action, but people who give their time and energy to the derby community for free do appreciate it when their copyrighted content isn't misrepresented as someone else's.

    By the way, most of your shots are from flat track derby, whereas the article references banked track derby. Flat track is superior.

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