College Life Is Sick!

College Life Is Sick!

In between all the partying, making friends and doing a minuscule amount of work you will have to do to scrape a pass in your degree, you will also have your time taken up with a thing called “being ill”.

Once you are taken out of the sterile test tube of the family home and are exposed to the myriad health risks that university lifestyle throws up, you’re really going to have to start to look after yourself properly.

If you ever bother to go to your lectures, sitting in a big room with your fellow students and having germs pumped around a confined room by dirty air conditioning doesn’t help too much either. In short, going to university is going to make you ill. Here’s what you can look forward to. [VICE Magazine]

Campus Cribs: Virginia Tech Softball

Three members of Virginia Tech’s back-to-back ACC championship softball team welcome Campus Cribs into their Blacksburg, Va., town house.

From left to right: junior pitcher Heather Lowry, senior third baseman Charisse Mariconda and junior catcher/shortstop Misty Hall. [SI On Campus]

The Big 10 College Towns For Tourists

Don’t fall into the college travel trap. Nowhere on the sheepskin is it written that when visiting offspring already on campus or traveling with them to choose a college, the folks who pay for the college years must be tied to a dingy motel or dine on pizza.

Here’s our tourist guide to the Big Ten (11 when Penn State joined in 1990). But even if you don’t have a student on campus, let this serve as your guide to the fantastic college towns in the athletic conference. [Newsday]

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