Is Tila Tequila A Vegas Escort?

It’s been long rumored that in her life before MTV stardom Tila Tequila was a Vegas escort turning tricks for straight-cash-homey.

Although no proof has even been produced to prove this claim Dick Manly of may have stumbled upon some hard evidence during a recent trip to the strip.

Manly had a card handed to him on the strip and it’s definitely her – just look at the pictures. She’s advertised as working under the name “Suzette” and is reasonably priced at $79 for a 2-girl special.

Check out Spike’s whole investigation, phone call to the sex operator and more photos!

5 thoughts on “Is Tila Tequila A Vegas Escort?”

  1. I don't know anything about this lady, nor do I care; but "COED" implies some connection with college level education; and anyone with the intelligence and exposure to the world required to qualify for college ought to know that no picture is ever definitely of anybody.

    Besides, what if she is, or was, an escort?

    It is both the Christian thing, and the intelligent thing, to have judgment, without being judgmental.

    You want a real scandal to report?

    Find someone on a major newspaper, like the New York Times or Washington Post, or Wall Street Journal, who got their start doing tabloid news; because that's what I call selling your God given talents to no moral purpose.

  2. It doesn't really mean a thing. The girl next to her is Masume Max or something like that. They did a photo shoot.

    Taking fake photos and plastering them on cards is a tradition in the hooker business. You're not always getting what's on the box, you know? Buyer beware and all that.

    Little advice to anyone who didn't know this, if you're ever passing by one of the pink clubs in Japan or Amsterdam or somewhere similar, the girls sitting in the window aren't often available either. I used to work door at a club that regularly paid high school girls to sit in the window and bring the pervs in. Once they're inside, they usually figure they may as well pay for what they can get even if they can't get what they saw in the window.

  3. Pretty common practice in Vegas to put famous girls pictures on those cards. I've seen Jenny McCarthy and many former Playmates. I can't believe that someone is gullible enough to think the girl on the card is the one they are getting. SpikeTV should fire that guy for being an idiot… or else sell him some real estate in Detroit…

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