Wednesday Headline Quickie

It’s About to Get Ugly: Tonight’s debate starts at 9pm (EST) | Surprise, Surprise: White House cleared use of waterboarding | Get ready to drive: Oil drops to its lowest price in 13 months | It’s not over yet: Stocks plunge 8-percent today | WWIII Update: Talks between Russia and Georgia collapse | There’s Always Tomorrow: Cheney survives abnormal heart rhythm | Last Resort: McCain calls Hillary Clinton for economic advice | What Now?: Windows 7 announced | Good For Something: Surfing the Internet can make you smarter | Shock and Awe: CNN host says c*nt, twice | Everyone’s Screwed: Walmart shafted by China, shafts customers (who are trying to shaft Walmart) | Pushing Their Luck: GOP presses ACORN debate with chipmunks

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