For Some Life Is A Never Ending Party

Tony Do(r)koupil of Newsweek thinks your slacking.

According to his article Why I Am Leaving Guyland, he accuses male twenty-somethings of being lonely, self conscious and unaccomplished, mainly due to the perception that being single and binge drinking is the way to go. He references a grad who carries fake MTV executive business cards because he’s ashamed of his job (touché) and cites statistics implying a decline in young men’s overall satisfaction with their lives.

You can listen to logical arguments for all of this, which state higher suicide rates and lower salaries for young men, or you can write an article to Newsweek demanding an apology for slandering our generation and demand he come witness first hand how much you can drink and how many women you bring home every weekend which makes you perfectly satisfied with life.

You do bring home every weekend, right?

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