7′-7″ Kenny George Has Right Foot Amputated

Kenny George, 7-7 UNC-Ashville Center, Has Right Foot Amputated

UNC Asheville’s Kenny George, at 7-foot-7 the nation’s tallest college basketball player, will not play this year amid reports part of his right foot was amputated.

George needed surgery after contracting a staph infection, the Asheville Citizen-Times reported. ESPN.com said the 22-year-old player had surgery three weeks ago and is expected to remain in an Iowa hospital for at least another month. [SI]

Where Will These Scandalous Five College Students Be In Five Years?

People fade and they fade fast. It’s just the nature of the news. A story generally lasts a week at best and then people file the story away only to be forgotten shortly thereafter. And most times we don’t really get wind of some fantastic college scandals that hit the news rags.

But there are 5 in particular that seem to be popular (if only for that one week) that I’d like to revisit in some time. And the reason is that I think these people are going to be doing some interesting things…..or not.

Here are 5 students who I’ll be curious about in five years. [Uncoached]

Halloween Costumes On A Student’s Budget

As the Halloween draws closer, it seems like you can’t walk a block without seeing a Halloween-themed window display or a temporary costume store. Unfortunately, if you come to those places looking for an interesting, decent-looking costume, you will probably have to shell out quite a bit of money. A trip to a major chain store would yield the same results. But don’t despair. It’s still possible to find creative costumes without putting too much strain on your wallet. You just need to know where to look. [Chicago Flame]

Ugg Boots Need To Die
Ugg Boots Need To Die