Ugg Boots Need To Die

Alright ladies, we’ve got to talk. This Ugg boot thing is getting out of hand, and it needs to stop, now! These disgusting excuses for footwear are killing your sex appeal, style and any pretty much everything that is good and right in this world.

Before you know it, every college dude everywhere will have to take Viagra for the rest of his life just to get it up because of prolonged exposure to the damn things. And there’s nobody to blame but yourselves.

Ugg boots have been around for years, and have recently become a solid staple of the female college student’s outfit, across the country. The question that we as guys have is, why the hell do chicks continue to wear these horribly unflattering footwear?

From what I gather, they are extremely warm and girls insist that this is the only reason they’re wearing them – but that doesn’t mean they don’t look freakin’ stupid. And it also doesn’t explain why girls want to wear them in balmy weather. See, if you’re cold all the damn time, there’s probably something wrong with you and you should see a doctor, not a shoe store clerk…

The really sad thing is that we as a society have become immune to their appearance.  And because of that, every year the ladies of our college campuses seem to find new ways to make them more and more ridiculous looking.

What I can’t figure out is, do women wear them because they truly enjoy their comfort, or do they wear them as a fashion statement? A standard college chick outfit is not complete without tight yoga pants and maybe a wife beater, which are both hot. But then they go and tuck a perfectly good pair of pants into the ugliest boots we could imagine, insisting on showing them off!

Do they really think that they look good in them?  Do they think that they’re a walking sex symbol in their Ugg boots? Here’s a little hint, ladies, there’s a reason they’re called “Uggs” and it’s not because they make you look good. In fact, they’re so sucky, it makes a lot of dudes, myself included, angry, just to see them.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with women wanting to keep their feet warm, especially when it is actually cold.  What I can’t understand is the desire to show these eyesores off. Who cares if they’re warm? They make anyone wearing them look like a frumpy Eskimo with low self esteem. And for the life of me I cannot understand why girls in SoCal think it’s appropriate to wear snow boots – just let me know the next time a wicked blizzard crosses over The Valley and into the Hollywood Hills.

So ladies, please. Lay off the Ugg boots, throw on some cute sneakers and maybe a good pair of wool socks. And the next time your friend says you look good in a pair of Uggs, remember – she’s an idiot.

What do you think of Uggs?

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57 thoughts on “Ugg Boots Need To Die”

  1. i'll stop wearing uggs when guys stop:

    wearing jerseys, or

    sweatpants to parties, or

    hats that they haven't washed since highschool and have that nasty yellow film in the front.

    the list goess onnnnn

    uggs are hidious, i know that. girls who think they look good in uggs are dumbbb., but that doesnt make them any less comfy

    (but i totaly agree that they dont need to be worn in the summer/ warm places. i live in Michigan, uggs are needed)

  2. I agree with Mella. Men have no room to bitch about something that is comfortable AND practical. Please tell me what's appealing or practical about walking around with your pants hanging below your ass or a hat that is ripped and looks like it's been run over by a tractor. I only wear my Uggs to class and I'm sorry if I don't dress for the catwalk when I'm just trying to get to my building without freezing to death. Get the fuck over it!

  3. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. Stilletos and pumps are not the only shoewear available, nor are they comfortable. You don't see guys walking around in tuxedos and dress shoes all the time, so why should we dress up too? In fact, when compared with Crocs, I should hope you would prefer we wear Uggs.

  4. do you even know how comfortable they are??

    and there are tons of things guys wear that need to stop too. like oversized sports jerseys. ew.

  5. why are all you girls pissed? and where in the article does it say you have to wear stilettos? if there's stuff that guys where that's stupid, tell them. i'm sure they'll change. but that doesn't mean uggs are dumb. and you have to admit you chicks are pretty bad at taking criticism.

  6. Well here is a criticism for you to take: stop wearing your ungly sneakers, jerseys, wife beaters, worn out shirts, obviously dirty pants, and do-rags– and invest in a good texudo to wear to class.

    I'll stop wearing my Uggs when you Guys stop wearing anything that you find remortely comfortable (but is ugly).

  7. im a girl and i think uggs are mad comfy, but i dont wear them. know why? because they are the fugliest shoes in the world. wtf? buy some god damn snowbots if yer gonna wear snow boots. and if you want a similar look, minnetonka's anyone? moccasin boots are so cute and comfy.

  8. Agree with Tate. I'm a girl and i've been cursing Uggs since their first appearance in the streets. I have tried them on and agree that they are warm and comfy, but they are not THAT much more than a good pair of winter boots. Beside, words cannot describe their vile appearance. Just of the thought of them makes me wanna hurl. Girl who wear those have no style whatsoever. And please, don't hit me with the bullcrap abt it being just for going to classes. No stylish lady would ever step out in public in those. So stop pretending you're only wearing your fUGGs and your lame sweatpants and abercrombie tshirt/hoodie combo because it's comfortable, And just admit that you're tasteless.

  9. I hate Uggs!!!! I have never owned a pair in my life and I never will. They are so ugly. People who wear uggs and crocs are the laziest people around. How hard is it to dress up nice and throw on a nice pair of heals or boots. I live in Utah where it is very cold and snowy and you will never see me in a boot as ugly as Uggs. Uggs are called uggs for a reason…..They are UGGGGGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I think too many comments have been made about this and I can't believe im about to press submit comment, but who the hell cares. If you like them then wear them. If you think they're ugly then don't. I would hope that most of us wouldn't care if our UGGS were a deciding factor in a guys ability to get it up (lightly speaking). Judgement falls into that list of characteristics we definitely don't want in a guy. Lets just look at our UGGS as a little shield, an ugly and expensive shield, but a shield that not only keeps our feet warm, but keeps these types of guys away.( ha ha i know this is rediculous, im just bored of doin my homework)

  11. I fully concur with the sentiment and findings of this article.

    If only those around us would heed the warnings expressed by your well informed authour and decide upon a footwear with fewer sartorial aesthetics misgivings.

  12. I couldn't give a f**k if ugg boots are unattractive. They keep your feet at body temperature and are like walking on pillows. I've always had Uggs growing up and whilst I'm not going to wear them on a nice day out I'm not going to think twice about throwing them on to go to the supermarket or wearing them whilst on public transport.

    Why are so many men deluded enough to think that everything we wear is for their benefit? I wear whatever is comfortable and appropriate enough for wherever I'm going. And how exactly does wearing them make you look as though you have low self esteem? Are the girls who dress with only the intention of being sexually attractive the ones with high self esteem now?

  13. iknowmorethanyou


    I live up north and even here most people KNOW they are lame…like super mega ultimate lame.

    I secretly think less of a girl that wears them. It shows her fashion sense isn't all that good. Well I'm sure she can be a nice girl, but hey…honestly don;t wear them unless you want to look like a moron.

    And I know my clothes.

  14. I started hating uggs about 3 years ago, when I saw this fat chick wearing them at the mall. She had on shorts and a pair of those beige, animal-skin-looking uggs and she was walking around acting like she was hot shit. I immediately decided those were the ugliest boots I had ever seen. Not since 3rd grade, when my friend Andrea tried to rock some gray vinyl moon boots have I ever been so embarrassed for someone.

  15. i actually bought my first pair of uggs recently because they look so comfortable. they arent the best looking shoes but they arent the worst either. when i bought them the sales clerk said “eww thoes things arent dead yet?” and then bagged them up for me. lol

    i never look like a sex symbol anyways so i really dgaf. like cartman says “wateva, ill do what a waont.”

  16. Okay, speaking as a GIRL, I cannot express how much I hate hate HATE UGG boots. I don't care what the rest of you wearing those awful things think, there are plenty of other kinds of boots that are both comfy AND warm that either cost the same amount or LESS. UGG boots are not just "comfy and warm," people buy because it's The Thing To Have, just like NorthFace jackets (another thing that makes me gag) and Coach bags. On my campus, I swear you couldn't swing a dead cat on a good day without hitting 20+ people wearing one or the other or BOTH. Good god.

    This definitely is a fad that needs to die.

  17. Yes Jane i completely agree the northface/UGG combo is definitely one of the most popular on my campus as well… I understand that they are ugly but my main problem with them is that when walking around campus every girls looks almost exactly the same… i personally just think its dumb


    Don't listen to them ladies. That's HOT…There should be site dedicated to girls in those boots.

    HMM must google 😀

  19. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH JANE, I LIVE NEAR TORONTO and I know it gets cold up here!

    I know girls who wear it with style, and weather coordinated, but for those girls wearing short shorts w. it in the dead ass cold, wtf are you thinking? "well uh, lets think, its keep my feet warm and its real comfortable.. but my ass is freezing" good thinking girls. AND why are you spending 150+ on a pair of light colored boots when your gonna fuck it up in the snow? why do some girls keep there Uggs in the closest when its snowing? trying to keep it fresh for the summer?

    BTW girls, you gotta look up what Uggs are made of…

  20. Are you kidding me? Ugg Boots are the best. Ive had mine for almost 5 years. They are so comfy and keep my feet warm in the cold Sydney winters. I know this is an America sight, but Uggs to stay in Australia 🙂

  21. Hehe Sydney has winters?

    I'll have to be the second aussie to defend ugg boots. They rock, and you females are welcome to wear them any time of the year!

    And yes, Bababu, they're made of sheep… or at least they are here… No use wasting their fleece if somebody's going to eat them anyway!

  22. okay, well, i'm from australia, and seriously, we all wear ugg boots.

    they're a staple clothing choice in winter.

    because it can get fucking freezing, but i think it really depends on the quality, style, colour, and the way you wear them.

    if you buy them, they stretch, so you get them smaller, so they don't get big, bulky and ugly.

    that's if you get the original, and real sheeps wool versions, and if you take care of them, they can look rather attractive.

    if you get fake, shitty ones, then you should die in a hole already. 🙂

    however, if you're from the very far south, or very far north of my state, you+ugg boots=trash.

    you look horrid in everything you wear actually if you're from those areas.

    to be completely honest, ugg boots aren't my favourite clothing item ever, nor are they my favourite shoes ever, however, i am willing to wear them because they're incredibly comfortable.

    oh, and guys, if you decide that a girl is seemingly less attractive just because you see hear wearing ugg boots, you seriously need some sort of therapy, it shouldn't matter what a girl wears, and if it does, you're just incredibly shallow 🙂

  23. I wear Uggs too…they are functional, comfortable, and warm. They are here to stay, people. Plus, they ARE damn sexy if you ARE sexy. Ha!!

  24. It's cause girls are lazy when running to class, and these things are easy to slip on. If a girl is wearing these they probably have yet to shower and is wearing way too much of that fruit body spray to mask her stench.

    I agree, they are hideous and should be illegal to wear!

  25. So, i got to the bottom of this post, and as i was reading it i think the only thought that crossed my mind is 'wtf is wrong with half these people'.

    I agree uggs are the most ridiculous looking things ive ever seen but theres a simple way to not look like a complete a-hole and wear them… how bout you try putting ur pants OVER them. My god its so simple and so genious. Oh and to all the people who said something along the line 'if guys care what clothes you wear you're shallow'… just TRY to be a little less hypocritical, please, it helps alot in the whole not-whore factor.

  26. I do not and will not EVER EVER own a pair of the Fuggliest boots ever made. They have been around forever and I cannot understand why girls wear them. You can find other shoes that are warm and comfortable and not such expensive "status symbol" shoes. I also do not understand leggings, anyone with me on this? Especially leggings paired with UGG boots and like no pants.

  27. I lived in Chicago. I refused to buy Uggs.

    I've been saying this since the first time those things came on the market: "UGGs are for Uggly"

    I've tromped my way through a blizzard w/ snow up to my knees, and that's not an excuse to wear them Uggly boots, and so nothing is.

    Get some real winter boots! They're just as warm and safe on the icy sidewalks.

  28. I find it funny that the first remark was an appeal to popularity of men who hail from the shallow end of the economic pool. Lets get one thing straight.

    on an average campus, like mine for instance, there are more more women in these uggs in spring than there are men with baggy Jeans in the entire year. That style is fading, your boots are not. Seriously, the only time they look GOOD on a woman is if she's walking around in pajama bottoms or she has the rest of the sheep skin on her body that she hand sewn together.

    Now to the general point.

    This post I agree with and is one of the few blog posts I StumbleUpon and can actually find to be somewhat original, kudos to you.

  29. kathleen schuitema

    i agree with heather, they are maybe not sexy, but who cares as long as the are comfortable,warm & plus i'm 56yrs & i've bought enough to last a lifetime, just in case they cease making them. lol

  30. I am from Australia. Ugg boots are from Australia. Ugboots are worn strictly inside your own house on a cold winter night (it is acceptable to do a milk run in your pj's with your uggies on). Wearing ugg boots in public is like wearing your pj's in public. Therefore, ugg boots are not bad, they just need to be worn in the right context.

  31. Blah blah blah ladies. I would just as soon die before I put my foot in a pair of those nasty boots. No, I don't own a pair of them. Nor do I own a pair of ugly ballet flats that make your feet look huge. Tennis shoes to dress down. Heals to dress up. End of story. Yes, I won boots, high healed leather ones. Even my snow boots have a wedge heal–and I try to avoid wearing them in actual snow so as not to ruin the suede. Ladies, when did so many of us stop caring about looking like we have our shit together? Rubber rain boots are another atrocious example of taste going down the drain. . .

  32. Okay, first of all, guys, you are damn shallow if all you think about is what a girl looks like. Also, UGG boots are comfortable. I personally CANNOT stand damn stiletto heels because they cause blisters on me. I have skateboarding sneakers too, but those are probably just as unattractive as my BROWN CAMOUFLAGE UGG BOOTS THAT NO ONE ELSE I’VE SEEN EVEN OWNS!!!! I hate wearing winter boots indoors at my school, because my feet will get hot in the rooms that change temperature. Regular winter boots are not comfortable to wear all day. Plus, I can drive in my UGG boots. That is highly important to me. Plus, my feet get cold even in regular winter boots. My feet get cold really easily; therefore, the wool in the UGG boots is perfect, especially for the super cold nights at the football games at my high school.

    My boyfriend does not care that I wear UGG boots; he doesn’t tell me what to wear, and he doesn’t care at all what I wear because he’s attracted to my personality. So girls, keep wearing your UGG boots! If anything, they will help you attract the right guys who won’t want you just because you look like a sex symbol.

  33. Uggs are like Abercromnie shirts. Sure they keep your feet warm-so do other winter boots. That is no excuse to buy these identical -looking boots.

    Almost every girl I know own a pair.

  34. oh yeah, and for those of you complaining about the sheepskin and it being an animal, think about the next time you stick your feet in a pair of suede winter boots.

    suede is just unrefined leather, so it's like wearing cows on your feet. don't think you're getting away with anything just because you are wearing suede.

  35. You know that it rains in Seattle? Well, I see a lot of girls run around in their UGGs in the rain. WOW… aren't you supposed to wear them in your house at winter? If you really want to keep your feet warm, go outside, and be comfy, go and get yourself some boots, and put some wool socks on, seriously… Ugg shoes are more like extra warm inside the house shoe. As I know of, they're not waterproof, so it's agains the rain and snow. And Uggs are so damn comfy, so you would feel better at home on your couch! I'm a girl, and if I'll ever own UGGs again (I did, but my feet weren't so cold at winter to buy another pair), I'll only wear them at home, when it's cold… So please ladies, keep them in the house.

    Oh, and btw, and take a look at Lari's comment.

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  37. Any woman who would wear a pair of Uggs and then use the excuse that they are comfortable or warm to justify it is an idiot. Those, crocs, and those Vans slip-on loafers like Weird Al used to wear are the three most horrible footwear inventions of all time.

    If your feet are cold or uncomfortable, wear sneakers and socks or get a regular pair of boots. Riding boots are basically a leather version of Uggs but far less unsightly. I think the women wearing those Ugg things think they are somehow being cute.

    It's very similar to how many women slop around in pink matching pajama suits that have a hoodie and say "Team Pink" across the butt. The truth is that there is no excuse. I'm from New York, and I wouldn't be caught dead in those things, even in 30 below weather, walking through a snowdrift.

    'Nuff said.

  38. They are stupid! stop bitchin about what dudes do bc the dudes who wear stupid shit dont talk to them! but every girl wears these Uggggs i mean ugly boots. For real this article is for real. these are the worst things ever made… besides smelly pussies… thats the next biggest turn off so wash them and dont wear Uggs!

  39. While these may be comfortable, although I don't know how comfortable they are since I've never worn them, they are also the ugliest shoe I have ever seen. I have no problem with girls wearing whatever they want, and I don't judge people by the clothes they wear, because I dress comfortable more than fashionable, but I do hate the girls who wear them all the time, and think they are the shit because they have Ugg boots. The shoes don't make a girl any more or less attractive, but wearing these shoes because you think they look cool is ridiculous. The girls who wear them for comfort, great, the girls who wear them to be stylish or to follow the trend. You suck!

  40. 1. why so defensive girls? uggs are ugly as fuck, accept it. 2. no one said you had to dress up, just don't wear uggs!

  41. oh what so now we can't wear uggs just cuz some people don't like them? don't we have a freedom of choice on what to wear?

    for those of you in australia saying that wearing uggs in public is like wearing pajamas, have you not noticed how many high school/college age girls wear pajamas to class? its become socially acceptable nowadays in the US.

    and i realize uggs are not the prettiest boots in the world, but i have also come to realize that any "pretty" shoe is nearly always really uncomfortable and i have to wear like fifty band aids to prevent blisters. i'm not just talking about stilettos. i'm talking about impractical flats and other shoes that guys love but i dislike.

    i don't plan on wearing my ugg boots in the summer, either, but here is girls' reason for wearing them in the summer: the wool inside is thermostatic, meaning it keeps your feet at body temperature — it cools your feet off if it's hot, and warms them up when it's cold. that's why girls wear them in the summer.

    for those of you saying that ugg boots should be illegal, i have a few things i'd love to make illegal myself. how about girls with a curvier figure shouldn't wear pants that are too small coupled with a midriff top? it's not flattering. how about skirts shouldn't be mistaken for a wide belt, and how about proper underwear is worn under them (no thongs)? nobody wants to see that. why don't we ban Abercrombie and Fitch (or Abercrappie and Bitch, as i like to call them) because they sell shirts that are demeaning to girls? apparently no one cares cuz Abercrombie is "cool".

    if ugg boots are made illegal ever, so should those fashion no-no's. oh and guys, stop being slobs and maybe us girls will care about your opinions.

  42. First off uggz suck thier entire marketing plan and business model is based off of the fact that they are UGLY!!!! Is it only me who noticed this??? I feel like im taking crazy pills… I totally understand the whole function over fashion argument but there are clearly some reasonabley good looking boots out there that are perfectly comfertable and warm. Uggz are merley a status symbol perpetuated by the retarded college brand slut (and more often than not regular slut) who is unable to think for themselves and therefore is under the impression that uggz are cool.

  43. Of you bitches who claim you don't care what guys think, and that you wear them because they are comfortable and whatever, how many of you also wear thong underwear? You can't tell me those are more comfortable than grannie panties.

    Who do you think you're trying to fool here?

  44. Yeesh. Yes, the boots are really f'ing ugly. Yes, most guys would prefer it if girls didn't wear them because they're hideous. But the group that bothers guys the most aren't the girls who wear them and don't care what people think of it, but the girls who think wearing the boots makes them super hot. It doesn't.

    But ladies, we guys (generally speaking) don't like those boots. We don't think you look good in those boots, and we like it when you look good. Yes, because we like to look at you when you look good, but also because we know you like it when you look good.

    Oh, and to the people who say "there should be a law" read a book. Specifically, read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

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