Weekly DVD Drop: The Incredible Hulk

OK so perhaps many of you thought the same thing I did when this movie was released in theaters: Didn’t they already make this film?  In 2003, Hulk which starred Eric Bana was released – and a mere five years later they made a re-boot, the newest fad in Hollywood.  This time the movie stars Edward Norton as Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk.  Liv Tyler plays the female heroine. And it’s not nearly as painfully bad as the 2003 release, from what I hear.

I really can’t say much about this film, since I didn’t see it – two Hulk movies in five years seemed a bit much for me.  Imagine if Warner Brothers released a new Batman movie starring James Franco as Bruce Wayne/Batman just three years after the Christian Slater films. That would be lame.  But either way, if you are looking for some action this week and you want to get in-touch with your inner comic book geek, then The Incredible Hulk is the film for you.

Also released this week:

The Strangers

Casino Royale (3-disk Collector’s Edition)

“Family Guy” Volume 6

“Family Guy: Freakin’ Sweet Party Pack” (comes with 22 disks, ping pong paddles, net and balls)

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