44 Reasons to Support Israel

With the Presidential election just around the corner, we’ve been hearing a lot about America’s undying love of Israel. And while we’re sure nothing’s going to change there, no matter who wins the election, we thought it wise to go back and review the issue in the best way we know how – by checking out all the super sexy girls of the Israel Defense Forces.

The Jewish tradition has produced some of the hottest chicks of Hollywood, and a country with such an amazing array of hotness as this one deserves all the support it can get. Plus, there’s just something about a beautiful girl with a machine gun that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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82 thoughts on “44 Reasons to Support Israel”

  1. Yea Israel Sucks I mean I support Hot tramps any day but not Israel and their land stealing ways.

  2. RE: phillip and tom – Are you both out of your fucking minds??? Have you ever seen military girls look like these? I am impressed.

  3. I dont get it ..hot chicks mean support a country .. there is hot chick in every country .. this post blows..

  4. Don't take things so effing seriously. We here at COED are hardly political in any form or fashion. The title is meant to be taken in jest and the story is just an excuse to post pics of hot israeli military girls. COED is not politically pro or anti Israel period- only pro-beautiful women. If you are looking for a intelligent / academic discussion on Israel, you are on the wrong site.

  5. ithurtswhenipee

    Haven't you guys ever heard of models dressed in military uniforms? I'm not saying that its not possible that there are some israeli soldiers that look like that, just that it is extremely unlikely.

  6. are all you guys homos?! also, israel is a strong

    alli, so FUCK all of you liberal obama fags

  7. david goldstein

    ive been to israel and the some of the girls look like this. All of them with big noses and horrible smell. F*ck off with this anti-semite bullshit, its reality not racism. They some ugly hoes!!

  8. Some of your comments are the best argument for the existence of the state of Israel.

    And by the way: Jews have lived in this area the whole time and it was a jewish homeland long before Mohammed came. So nobody have stolen land. The white people have stolen land from the Indians that´s true but Israel was the home of the jews. And the only who kill civilians are the arab terrorists. Israel´s Army only reacts to terrorist on terrorist attacks.

    So to all facists and anti-semits: Fuck you! Israel for ever!

  9. WAIT WTF…..Ok first why are you bitching about any hot girl. wait i get it your either islamic and if you were caught looking at this your penis would be cut off or your mom is caling you to let you know your dominos shirt is ironed and your mad because you just relized after looking at this you have to go back to your shity life…. who wins no one thats why you should just put your head in the toliet and dround yourself

  10. It never fails to amaze me how many bigots there are in the so-called "Tolerant Left". Forget the politics, these people are out and out racists (not to mention completely uneducated).

    As for the girls…..DAMN HOT!!! Especially the blond in the doorway. She's gorgeous.

  11. So, Ed- why give us "44 reasons to support Israel" if you are "hardly political in any form or fashion?" By reading the feedback you've received, it would seem that others aren't fooled by your thinly- disguised bullshit.

    By the way, "James," very few Israelis are Semites- most of them are Ashkenazi. The kind that whinge about Hitler every chance they get, try to own the Holocaust, then treat EVERY ONE of their neighbours like Hitler treated the Slavs. Learn some history, fool.

    Hot chicks are hot. Using hot chicks to promote your zionist agenda is gay.

  12. Please note that zionism and semitism is NOT the same. The Israelis are land-occupying scum. The IDF world's #1 terrorists.

  13. Israel is one of the greatest democracies in the world that fights for safety in a region full of people who murder innocent civilians. Anyone who makes unfounded anti-Semetic statements is obviously an uneducated racist.

  14. good call tye342.

    BTW I'm an Israeli and I've seen what women you

    got in the states and I tell you come over here and see what we got 🙂

    (but wait a bit cause it's allmost winter and you won't see shit)

  15. Anti-semitisum and anti-zionisum is the same because if you´re against the exsistance of the state of Israel (I mean not against its politics against the existance itself)your´re against the only safe place for jews to live. And so you´re anti-semitisum because you want to take these people their secure home. So you want to hand over the jews to discrimination and persecution.

  16. Wait . . . I thought the United States and its military . . . and George Bush . . . were the world's #1 terrorists.


    I can't keep track of this.

    I just thought it was a post about hot women who happen to be in the Israeli Army.

    Then you guys start talking about "Ashkenazi" and Hitler's Slavs and "anti-zionisuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum" and all kinds of stuff that just goes over my head.


    Strange people.

  17. No I don't want to support Israel. War sucks, death sucks, torture sucks, occupying foreign land sucks.

    Palestine deserves to be free. Palestinian civillians have the right to freedom, privacy and a way of life out of fear of random acts of retaliation from the Israeli military. No more blood neither Palestinian nor Israeli needs to be spilled so that the Israeli government and politicians can profit.

    Let freedom reign in Israel and Palestine, and let all the extremists on both sides be kicked from office and kicked from power. Let the powers that be intervene to stop the genocide faced by Palestinians, let the anti-Semite sentiments end. But most of all let the two live in peace free from propaganda, retribution and retaliation, and blind hate that many of the comment above show.

    -Signed a non-Jewish, non Muslim, non Christian, non Arab, non US citizen of the World

  18. Come on folks, it's an attempt at humour.

    If you want to rant, rave and swear, f**k off and start your own blog!

  19. Hey!! that's me in 2 of the pictures.

    so the one that said these are models… wrong!! these are real soldiers…

  20. dan is right. and by the way zionism = jewish facism

    real jews who follow the torah don't recognize the israel that was created by EASTERN EUROPEAN jews stealing land from PALESTINIAN muslims, jews and christians.

  21. These girls are hot and this is a retarded posts because it brought politics into the discussion and politics f@#ks everything up.

    Look at it for what it is. Hot women from a certain area of the world. Take the text out and everything will be alright.

  22. My fantasy is to fuck an Israeli chick and a Palestinian chick at the same time. Stop fighting and just have some good old freaky-deaky fun. Who's with me?

  23. I'm a Palestinian, a doctor, a community leader and a member of multiple peaceful organizations who try to unite the world. These women are beautiful. Israel is lucky to have them. But anyone in a posting forum such as this that claims to know the truth and makes judgment on either side of the conflict at hand deserves to be castrated. Those in power do what they do to keep their families alive. The pressures on their existences are the evils the world must deal with to solve the problems, the issues of hate in tradition and ignorance caused by generations of isolation and poverty. What reason do any of you have to hate someone you've never met? For those of you who argue that point.. I wish you peace in the afterlife, because it's clear you deny it to yourself in this life.

  24. Lets just appreciate the pics for what they are , pics of women. I lived in Israel for two years and trust me , most of the woman look like this !

  25. What's with all the terrorist loving little homo's commenting these beautiful women? I hope Israel turns palestine into a sheet of glass!

  26. israel is actually not a strong state they are a welfare state with a strong military. most of these girls arent that hot but yeah..some of them are hot as fuck specially navit from maxim damnnnn

  27. 1st off. If I rememeber correctly every Israeli citizen has to serve in their military for a short time. So having some hot chicks is obviously inevitable if they have any hot chicks in their population at all.

    Think about it if all our citizens did the same you could have found Jessica Simpson in uniform at a particular time. mmmm

    2nd, I'm Palestinian but even I am smart enough to know that you are not going to solve a 2000 year war on a forum of a site dedicated to finding hot pictures of tail. Seriously.

  28. Fuck weather these bitches are hot there all criminals and should be wiped from the face of the earth for the sake of world piece. They'll be plenty of hot chicks every where else. Wake up septic tanks ( Yeh that means Yanks or full of shit take your pick)- your all to blame by doing nothing

  29. For anyone who says jews lived in Israel before Islam… yes, but only religios Jews, not racial Jews. Religios Jews were Arabs, so I don't think this post would exist if they still looked like that, or instead it would be entitled "sexy suicide bomber girls", because that's how the West works.

    Anyway, the Jews of Israel today have no ties with native Jews, they are from Khazakstan/Georgia that region who converted to Judaism in 7th century when they had an empire. Then they fled to Europe and took over out finantial system, exchanged gold for paper, structured a couple wars and started educating people with propaganda. Now we have people who are open minded enough (not too open minded that's not good) to research beyond what they've learned at school, and then we have people calling them 'Anti-semitic' for saying Israel was founded illegally.

    Go stick your heads in the sand people, when this world becomes a police state and all your freedom lost, you will still not have a clue what's going on, just like the Russians.

  30. This kind of liberal douchbagery needs to be on the Huffington Post, not on COED. Just enjoy the pictures and leave your ideology at the door.

  31. IS Isral & the Jews a race… >???????? so why the fuck do you call us white man?? Get bent,…. this is enough..bullshit… suffering …. whining.. just take a pill and SHUT THE FUCK UP…

  32. Nothing sexier than an ugly women shooting at little children. Fucking balls. This is so American. Fuck America, Israel, and Palestine.

    All these comments are the 44 reasons to fuck the post writer in the ass.

  33. MissKnownUnknown

    Just discovered this site today and this post is lame! Some articles are quite nice but this one is a showstopper.

    The flag in the middle was the finishing touch…I'm out of here.

  34. Israel is a beautiful country with beautiful people.

    Only when one has lived in another arab country does one know how messed up they are.I am an Indian living in arabia for 20 yrs and my conclusion is that they are idiots who don't live even other arabs.They only know violence.If they really cared about palestine they will give other arabs citizenship in other arab countries.

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