Bear Cubs of North Carolina For McCain

Bear Cub Shot In Face, Covered With Obama Signs

Police at Western Carolina University and wildlife officials were investigating the discovery early Monday of a dead bear cub draped with a pair of Barack Obama campaign signs. [Yahoo]

College Costs A Kick In The Groin, Literally

Sophomore Michael Linneman is willing to sell a kick to his family jewels on eBay to pay for college.

Linneman posted an offer on eBay about three weeks ago titled “Kick me in the nuts to help me pay for college.” The offer entitles the purchaser to kick Linneman as hard as he or she can in his testicles while the incident is videotaped. The starting bid is $80,000 and carries a “Buy it now” price of $150,000. So far, there have been no bids. [The Maneater]

How to Fluff an Essay

The problem is, the kids who fluff are often as bad at writing fluff as they are at making a valid point. The goal of this tutorial (okay, article) is to at least provide some help in that department. Once this point is nailed down, they can move on to valid, “good” writing advice. But it’s easier to be good at writing if you know how to manipulate and make fun of writing, right? Let’s do this. [ACE Online School]

Lauren Jones is Today’s Daily Snapshot
Lauren Jones is Today’s Daily Snapshot