Investment Guide to Cocaine, Hookers, & Other Vices

With our economy in a clockwise spin down the sh*tter the depressing fact is that many of you will have a difficult time finding work come graduation day.

What’s a guy to do?

Well, in the meantime you can work your butt off interning, building a contact list, maintaining a high GPA, keeping the resume in tip-top shape and praying or you can make the easy decision and head to Vice-ville where you’re the mayor and there is an unlimited amount of booze, cigarettes, cards, sex, and drugs.

“Conventional wisdom has long held that the “vice” industries are generally repression-proof. (Gambling revenue and booze consumption rose sharply after the stock market collapse of 1929, for example.) People may be broke and depressed, but they’ll still smoke, drink, gamble, and screw—perhaps with even more vigor” says Radar Magazine in their article Snort Selling

Radar hit the streets to ask the derelicts of society if America is, “on the verge of turning into a nation of alcoholic, coke-sniffing, Marlboro-smoking blackjack players with a penchant for fake breasts and a willingness to pay for sex,” and whether or not it’s possible to turn one man’s financial tragedy into a personal financial gain for yourself by investing in “vice” industries.

Read Radar Magazine‘s Snort Selling: Radar’s investment guide to cocaine, hookers, and other vices, here.

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