Tuesday’s Album Releases: Electric 6

With a Tenacious D-type ridiculousness, Electric 6 made me laugh hysterically the moment that I first heard them. Thankfully for all of us though, they are actually good at playing their instruments. That doesn’t necessarily negate their ridiculousness, but I firmly believe that everyone needs a little bit of ridiculousness here and there.

This Detroit group first came on the radar for most listeners with their single, “Gay Bar”. Their new songs, however, are bound to earn just as much attention. Their new album, “Flashy“, is so aptly named. If there’s any adjective I can think of to describe Electric 6-it’s ‘flashy’. So if you’re in the mood for some songs that will make you laugh tears but still have a good enough groove that you’ll find yourself dancing-do yourself a favor and pick up this album.

In other release news, if you know anything about indie-rock, you’ve probably already heard of Of Montreal. To be honest, this band is really hit or miss with me. Kind of like Red Hot Chili Peppers. Some songs give me a headache and make me want to punch babies, and other songs actually make me want to see them live and dance. Luckily, this new CD of theirs, “Skeletal Lamping“, has got more live-dancing songs than baby-punching. What does this mean for you? Umm…check it out and decide for yourself.

Other albums released today:

Lee Ann Womack, “Call Me Crazy

pH10, “Well Connected

Various Artists, “All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash

(Image: BaryflyClub.com)

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