Massive Shopping Cart FAIL

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Massive Shopping Cart Fail by Two Morons – Watch more free videos

In this video, the two stupidest chain-store employees you’ve ever seen fail to secure a truck-load of shopping carts, which they’ve put in the back of a semi-truck, when the truck-driver pulls away, dumping dozens of the carts across the parking lot. The entire thing is so idiotic, it’s almost frustrating to watch. Nobody does the right thing. Nobody does anything. They just stand and watch, mouths covered, and the driver just keeps on going. Maybe the whole thing was his fault…Either way, somebody F’ed-up. Bravo, guys, you’re hilarious…and probably fired.

3 thoughts on “Massive Shopping Cart FAIL”

  1. once the thing started moving there was little they could've done. and i doubt anyone got fired for that. they probably just had to fix it.

    as far as fault, you can't really tell, although they didn't look too surprised when it left. so it's probably their fault.

    regardless, quite funny to watch.

  2. Yeah I don't see anyone getting fired over this, it looks like the driver might have been at fault. The employees arn't exactly telling him the back is cloes and he's good to pull away.

    And I'm not sure what they could have done once he pulls off, it seems kinda dangerous running after a truck with crap falling out of it.

  3. i happen to know exactly what happened here – because someone i know is in the video. the driver was asked to wait for an ok while they secured the carts and closed the door. the driver didn't wait, obviously. those carts weigh 60 pounds each, so running after it would not have been a good idea.

    and no one got fired.

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