Florida is Determined to F-up the Election…AGAIN

I don’t get it.

Having proven that the State of Florida cannot handle relatively simple tasks, as was the case in the last Presidential Election, Florida’s Broward and Miami-Dade counties have announced that they will buck the state’s recommendations for handling voters flagged by the controversial Florida Voter Verification Law. I am not exactly sure who they think this will benefit, but it is ultimately bad for America.

When the election of the President of the United State becomes a political game and a pawn for either party, we have taken a serious step backwards in the upholding of our most cherished freedom. Whether you choose to “Vote or Die” or whatever dumb-sh*t anthem Hollywood will be chanting next week, the problem is real.

How can one state’s political system decide to jeapardize the voice of the whole country? Not that it will, but given the electoral college’s power, a screw-up in Florida could mean the difference between who controls one of the most influential countries in the world. These are the same people who screwed up the “butterfly ballot” and most of which have no idea how to work their TiVos. My grandmother lives in Florida and calls me every week when House is on so that she can record it and watch it the next day – so she can fast-forward through the commercials.

Oh yeah – these people are going to screw it up again…just watch!

2 thoughts on “Florida is Determined to F-up the Election…AGAIN”

  1. Touche, I say to you sir, touche

    I will admit there is some false indignation towards Floridians everywhere, but I agree with you and respond with – Jeb Bush.

    You all knew, and voted for a man named Jeb.

    Proto – I check you with my knight, and await your response.

  2. Having lived and voted in Florida at the time, I’m pretty tired of hearing about how “we” screwed the election up.

    The PEOPLE of Florida didn’t screw the election up.

    The election officials screwed the election up. The Republican leadership in Florida screwed the election up. The BROTHER of the candidate screwed the election up, in favor of his brother. The Republican Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, screwed the election up, in favor of her candidate.

    The PEOPLE of Florida did nothing wrong except to trust their elected officials.

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