The Four Steps To Pulling Off A Successful High Five

In my opinion there is nothing worse than an awkward high-five.

A successful high-five is comprised of four components that are all equally important and make a successful high-five more difficult to pull off than one would think.

First, timing with your partner must be perfectly succinct. Second, there needs to be clarity on what is being thrown, is he going for the above head fist pound or a five finger slap? Third, God forbid the aim is off and you wiff all together. Fourth and most importantly, you need to avoid making a douchey face at the point of contact.

The following people reached the pinnacle of joy and decided a high-five was in order. Too bad that didn’t get the memo about the four steps and what’s worse, there happened to be a camera present to capture their ironic joy-FAIL.

Not everyone has the mental telepathy to pull off a four-diamond roundhouse Goose and Maverick “Top Gun” high-five but as long as you follow the four steps you won’t look like the following losers that completely blow the high-5.

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COED’s Interview with the Founders of CollegeHumor