So You Want to Funnel a Beer?

Mastering the art of beer funneling is an absolute must for any true weekend warrior.

If you have built up such a high tolerance to alcohol that it takes twelve beers to get your buzz on then you are ready to transition from beer drinker to beer bong extraordinaire.

Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade to get you ready for the best night of drinking and quite possibly the worst hang over of your life. But no fear because as we know chick dig beer funnels!


1) Do make sure that the plastic funnel is securely fastened to the plastic hose via a heavy-duty plumbers hose clamp. The idea is to get the beer in you, not on you.

2) Do make sure to frequently stop by the urinal and piss your brains out so you are ready for the next round, it will empty your stomach, make you less bloated and in turn decrease your chance of puking.

3) Do start out with a light beer such as, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coor’s Light so your stomach does not explode like your first orgasm.


1) Do not try to be a tough guy and funnel hard alcohol; you will black out every time!

2) Do not EVER stop in the middle of funneling a beer as it is frowned upon by the beer funneling elite.

3) Do not funnel beer on an empty stomach or you will puke like you have never puked before.

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